Dutch Translation Services and Transcription Services

Transcription City provides Dutch translation services for all your video, audio and document needs. We employ mother tongue Dutch translators and are able to translate both from Dutch to English, and English to Dutch. We work with a number of sectors for Dutch translation including medical, legal, technical, property, retail, political and many, many more…Dutch Translation Services and Dutch Transcription Services

Dutch Translation from Text

For Dutch translations, we work with text in a variety of formats, the most commonly used being Word and PDF formats. We hire qualified, experienced linguists who are able to work with your document templates and house styles, to ensure your target translated document is as similar to the source material as possible.

Dutch Transcription Services and Dutch Translation from Audio and Video

For audio and video the files, the most accurate and commonly used translation method is to have your audio or video transcribed into the source language, and subsequently translated from the written word. This method is most suitable for translations requiring a high level of accuracy, such as legal translations, subtitle translations and financial translations.

Dutch Translation Services Experts

Our Dutch translators are highly experienced and qualified in translation services and work within a range of specialisms. We handpick our translators for each given project in order to ensure accuracy through a thorough understanding of the given topic or industry. All translations are proofread upon completion, just to double check that everything is up to scratch.

Dutch Translation Services for SEO

We live in a global economy. With the rise of the internet, successful businesses large and small have a whole world of potential at their fingertips and effective SEO (search engine optimization) is absolutely key to marketing your business, ideas, products, services or even yourself online on a global scale. At Transcription City, we provide translation services for SEO purposes, including translation of marketing document, websites, social media posts, profiles and information, online videos (including Vimeo and YouTube), and many more.

Dutch Translation Options

At Transcription City, our ethos is to be flexible to our clients’ needs and provide a service that is timely, accurate and fit for purpose. With this in mind, we provide a variety of service standards including full proofread, certified, standard and expedited. We do cater for work required within tight deadlines in our expedited service, but for obvious reasons, this will be on a standard translation basis due to the time constraint.

Contact us for Expert Dutch Translation and Dutch Transcription Services

If you have documents, audio or video that require translation from Dutch to English, or English to Dutch, feel free to contact us for a quote. We also provide Dutch transcription services and subtitling services. We are available via email, webchat or telephone and would love to hear from you.

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