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Specialist Proofreading Services

If you need to have your audio files transcribed in verbatim or as discourse analysis, using proofreading services is important. Many transcription companies will rely solely on the skills of the typist for all proofreading. Although this is fine for most standard transcripts, for documents that require high accuracy, a professional audio proofreader is essential.
Having a proof reader re-listen to your audio can make a big difference to the accuracy of your final transcript. Transcriptionists who have spent long hours listening to an audio file can, on the odd occasion, mishear words or phrases. This can be made worse if the audio is of poor quality or contains speakers with strong accents. A good proofreader will listen to the audio file for a second time. They will and correct any mishears and make all necessary amendments. Transcript tone can be improved by ensuring that commas and full stops are in the right places.

Proofreading Transcripts with Background Noise

Relevant background noise can also be added such as laugher, sighing and anything else that affects the tone of the final transcript. These are all important aspects of building an accurate picture of what has transpired during the audio session. If you require time coded or time stamped transcripts, or post production scripts, the proof reader will make sure that all time coding has been accurately monitored and recorded according to the client’s specifications

A proof reader will also make sure that the transcript has the proper layout (according to the client’s preferences) including double spacing after each sentence, proper formatting, and text sizing and alignment. This means that the client can be confident in the knowledge that their finished transcript will look professional, as well as being easy to read.
If you are in the legal profession, having your transcripts proof read is essential to maintain accuracy. This is especially important for witness statements or evidence that may be used in court cases. The highest level of accuracy is required for these kinds of transcripts because the content can be used to make difficult judgements that have life changing consequences.

Proofreading Services for AI Generated Transcripts

A proofreader can also be used for clients that use voice recognition software for their dictations. There is often a relatively low accuracy with transcripts generated by voice recognition software. A proofreading service should always be used to check amend these kinds of transcripts. This service is most often used by those in the medical profession for clinical dictations including medical notes or correspondence. Due to the limitations of voice recognition software, it cannot currently be used for anything other than dictation.
Using the services of an experienced proof reader can greatly improve the accuracy of difficult sound files or can be used to check documents that you have composed yourself, for added professionalism.
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