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Audio Transcription Services

Our transcriptionists have many years experience as audio typists across a variety of different industries. Once you have recorded your audio file, simply upload it using our secure SSL, Encrypted File Transfer. Once received, we will assign one of our specialist transcriptionists to do your audio transcription. Depending on the length and volume of files we can provide a fast turnaround. Depending on your requirements we can have your files transcribed and proofread by the typist and sent back to you within four hours.
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Good Quality Audio Files for Audio Transcription – Things to Consider

To ensure a high-quality focus group or conference recording, actively minimize background noise. Close the door if you’re in a busy building and schedule your session during quiet hours, avoiding times of building work or cleaning. Additionally, consider equipping speakers with individual microphones to enhance speech clarity and prominence in the audio.

Begin by introducing your speakers. This is crucial for our typists to identify each speaker in the transcript. A brief introduction at the start allows the transcriptionist to immediately associate voices with names. In cases where speakers share similar characteristics such as sex, age, and accent, distinguishing them might be challenging. To address this, assign numbers to each speaker and instruct them to announce their number before commenting, like “Number one speaking.”

Also, think about the final transcript. If individual speaker identification is unnecessary, you might opt for a transcript without a specific speaker key. This approach is cost-effective and can expedite the transcription process, particularly if you’re working with tight deadlines.

Maintaining control during the session is essential. Transcriptionists struggle with transcribing overlapping conversations, and important comments might be lost if speakers talk over each other. Poor sound quality and overlapping speech could increase transcription costs due to the extra time required for deciphering the dialogue.

Finally, be prepared with the right equipment. For frequent focus groups or conferences, investing in specialized recording equipment is beneficial. Relying on a Dictaphone or a mobile phone’s voice recorder often results in lower quality recordings, which are harder to transcribe. Use your phone only as a last resort for audio recordings, such as dictation, since mobile phone recordings typically do not meet the quality needed for focus groups. It is also worth considering using video if you need all participants to be identified. 


Audio Formats

Consider your audio format. Try to record sound in an audio or video format that will be fast to upload. This will save you time.

All of our work undergoes a meticulous proofreading process by the typist before it is returned to you. Additionally, alongside your audio transcription, you have the option to request the services of an extra proofreader, which is readily available. In the unlikely event that you find yourself unsatisfied with your finished transcript, rest assured, we are committed to addressing your concerns. Consequently, we are happy to make any corrections or amendments free of charge, provided that you inform us within 24 hours of receiving your completed transcript.

If you would like more information about our 24/7 transcription services, translation services, professional subtitling services or note taking services, get contact us today.