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The need for precise, fast and reliable transcription services, translation, and subtitling services has never been greater.

Whether you’re a business professional, content creator, or part of the academic world, our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We ensure that your message transcends language and cultural barriers.

At our core, we are committed to providing confidential, secure, experienced, and fast services.

With our team of highly qualified translators, linguists, typists, and subtitlers. We design our services to your specifications.

Our Services

Transcription Services

When you choose Transcription City, all your transcripts will be completed quickly and accurately by a transcriber who has at least five years experience in your industry.

Translation Services

We offer a range of translation services, including document translation, subtitling, video translations, audio translation and transcription into a foreign language.

Subtitling Services

Subtitle translations can be incredibly important and useful in broadening a video’s appeal and availability to native foreign language speakers and a global audience.

Secretarial Services

We offer a range of note taking and secretarial services can help with many sectors such as corporate, medical, legal and media. We also provide full meeting management services.

For all your transcription, translation, and subtitling needs

Trust us to deliver services that are confidential, secure  and fast. Contact us today to experience a company that understands your needs and delivers solutions that speak your audience’s language.

Transcription services, translation services, subtitling services.

State-of-the-Art Practices for Premium Quality

We use the latest practices in subtitling and translation. This ensures synchronisation with audio, correct pacing, and readability. Our subtitlers and linguists are skilled in various genres, from educational content to entertainment. This ensures  that your message is effectively conveyed to your audience.

Testimonials and Reviews

Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of our services lies our commitment to excellence. Our experienced team of qualified professionals are adept at using the most up-to-date practices. They will carry out the work according to your specifications. We aim to exceed your expectations, providing services that add value to your content.

Fast Turnaround Without Compromising Quality

Speed is of the essence in our transcription services. We are equipped to handle urgent requests. We deliver high-quality transcripts within tight deadlines. Our process is streamlined to ensure efficiency without compromising on accuracy. Whether it’s a last-minute conference call or an urgent legal document, you can count on us for timely delivery.

Transcription Services: Accurate and Confidential

Our transcription services stand out for their accuracy and confidentiality. We know the importance of safeguarding sensitive information. This applies to every transcript, translation, and subtitle we produce. Our team adheres to strict confidentiality protocols. This  ensures that your content is handled with the utmost discretion from start to finish. With advanced security measures in place, you can trust us to protect your data and maintain privacy.  Equally important, whether it’s a confidential business document, a sensitive legal transcript, or a private video for subtitling, your content is safe with us.

Translation Services: Bridging Language Barriers

Our translation services are designed to bridge language barriers effectively. A team of experienced translators is there for you. Proficient in multiple languages and specialists in various fields. For example, we ensure that your content is not only translated but culturally adapted.

Bespoke Transcription to Meet Every Need

We produce a variety of  transcription services from business meetings and academic lectures to medical and legal proceedings. Our typists are adept in handling diverse formats and specialised terminologies. This ensures that your transcripts are not just word-perfect but also contextually accurate. We respect the confidentiality of your content. So employ strict data protection measures to safeguard your information.

Experienced Linguists at Your Service

Our linguists are not just language experts; they are skilled in localising content. Our translated content is written to resonate with your target audience. From marketing materials to technical documents, we provide translations that are accurate and culturally sensitive. They are tailored to your audience’s language and cultural nuances.

Subtitling Services: Connecting Through Captions

Subtitling is an art that goes beyond basic translation. Our subtitling services ensure that your audio and video content is accessible to a broader audience. We provide clear, concise, and well-timed subtitles that maintain the essence of your message. We adhere to all standard guidelines. Our translators and subtitlers are familiar with settings for all major national and international broadcasters.