Wu is part of a group of the language Sinitic language family which is are historically related and linguistically similar and spoken primarily in Shanghai, Zhejiang province, which is the southern portion of Jiangsu province and adjacent areas. Hence the term “Shanghainese”.

Major Wu varieties include those of Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Wenzhou, Jinhua and Yongkang.

This ancient language Wu (Shanghainese), dating back over 3000 years! This makes it one of the oldest languages in the world! it is spoken by some 80 million people worldwide however based on its dialect it is focussed on the regions above. 

Wu Chinese, and Min is studied widely by historical linguists mainly because of it’s ancient origins and features. Both of these languages have been crucial in determining and tracing the phonetic history of the Chinese language. In fact, there are concerns that the language needs to be protected due to the expansion of the Mandarin language. 

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Experienced Wu (Shanghainese) Linguists 

Each of our Wu (Shanghainese) linguists, transcriptionists, translators and voice over artists, have been chosen based on their wealth of experience and knowledge. All Wu translators have gone through a strict selection process and are thoroughly tested on their writing and transcription skills. We actively ensure that your needs are paired to a linguist with the required experience and insight into your specific needs. This gives you the assurance that your requirements will be met in an accurate and timely fashion. All of our Wu (Shanghainese) linguists are able to work from source to target language and vice versa – again providing assurance that the accuracy will be high. 

Precise Wu (Shanghainese) Translations 

Our team of Wu (Shanghainese) translators will be hand selected to have experience in working in your industry, from banking to government to media; we ensure that the partnership is perfectly paired and tailored to the requirements you are seeking. We have everything thoroughly proofed and re proofed to ensure the result is that of a high quality and verified translation meaning accuracy remains at the highest level.

Wu (Shanghainese) Subtitling Services 

We offer a range of Chinese (Shanghainese) subtitling solution for your project. These can be created from English or from Chinese with subtitle creation in Wu script. We would ensure that the words spoken in your video are in perfect sync with the subtitles displayed onscreen. Each subtitling project is tested and reviewed to ensure quality control. Chinese subtitling also allows your videos to be more accessible to your viewers and is great for SEO. We will always ensure that closed captions comply with regional and international subtitling standards. 

Wu (Shanghainese) Voiceover Services and Wu (Shanghainese) Video Dubbing

We have an experienced and talented team of voiceover artists and trained actors who will provide the perfect voice for your videos. We have a wide variety of voiceover and video dubbing solutions. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and ensure that we work with you to provide a voice over artist with the correct tone, volume, dialect and pitch of voice. Our Wu voiceover artists are more than happy to discuss your needs in relation to best assist you with your voiceover and video dubbing needs.

Wu (Shanghainese) Video Transcription and Wu (Shanghainese) Video Translation 

We use the best Wu (Shanghainese) video transcriptionists and video translators to work on your assignment. Whether it be Wu (Shanghainese) to Wu (Shanghainese) or Wu (Shanghainese) to English (or any other language combination) the result is a perfect video translation. All of our team are able to ensure that the audio or video files are worked on with care and precision to maximise the results to be delivered to you. 

Wu (Shanghainese) Website Localisation 

Whether you have a large company or are just starting out, website localisation can really help you target the areas of the world you want to appeal to. Website localisation allows you to connect on a more individual level with your chosen market. We offer Chinese website localisation services by using linguists, translators and writers with local knowledge. Good, well written website localisation services allow you to open up your client base, your services or products hundreds of million across the globe.

If you would like more information about our transcription services, translation services, voice over services, subtitling services or video dubbing services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help. 

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