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Transcription services for clients using mobile devices

Transcription Services for clients using iPhone, iPad or Android Devices

A guide to recording and uploading files for transcription using your iPhone, android or ios device. We provide expert transcription services for clients using mobile devices.
Time is precious to businesses and individuals alike and with the development of new and useful technology, people are always looking for ways to make their lives easier and quicker, when it comes to their business as well as their lifestyle!. It is pretty rare to attend a business meeting these days, that doesn’t include an iPhone, iPad or similar android device being used.

Transcription services for iPhone and iPad users
Dictation from your iPhone

As a transcriptionist, I have noticed that more and more people are using their mobile devices to record various dictations on the fly. The sound quality produced by using an iPhone or iPad is usually pretty good for dictations and as it is stored as an MP3, is also compact so requires little storage space and is easy to share with your chosen transcription service.

Transcription services for clients using mobile devices

Here is my list of the dos’ and don’ts’ for recording audio or video files for transcription, on an ios or android mobile device.

Do make sure that your recording area is quiet and free of distractions. This will ensure that every word you say can be heard clearly and that you don’t lose your train of thought because someone has distracted you.

Don’t record focus groups or large interviews on your mobile device! Although mobile devices will generally produce good recordings of dictations and well set up one to one interviews, using a mobile device to make recordings of group interviews and focus groups is not recommended and will produce very low quality recordings that are unsuitable for transcription. Focus groups and group interviews will require more specialist recording equipment and you will need to use more than one microphone.

Use your mobile device to make notes of any specific questions, important points and specific spellings of technical terms or difficult to research brand/company names. This will help your transcriptionist to produce the most accurate transcript possible and will help to reduce your turnaround time.

Do record one to one interviews in very quiet surroundings and always hold the device close to your interviewees’ mouth as they are talking to ensure that they can be heard. Remember to speak clearly and repeat any words or phrases that were said quietly, in case the microphone did not pick up the sound.

Do take a look at our mobile site. You are able to record your videos and dictations on your phone and then send them to us as an attachment to transcriptioncity@ We are able to receive large video and audio files at this address. We can also transcribe your video or audio files via your DropBox account, just share your files with us using the email address: info@ For regular clients, we also offer the option of recording and uploading your files to us directly using the Dictamus app (contact us for further details).

Do make sure that your device is properly charged. It can be easy to forget how quickly your battery can run low when you have been using it all day for calls, meetings and are now busy recording an interview or dictation. Make sure that you either run your device from mains power while recording or be sure to charge your device fully before beginning your recording. That way you will avoid the disruption of your recording being stopped half way through because you have to charge your battery.

Using your mobile device to record your audio or video files is a great way to save time and the hassle of uploading audio files to your computer. If you would like more information or have any questions about our mobile device transcription services be sure to contact us for some friendly advice or tips on making the best of your recordings.

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