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Korean Translation Services and Korean Transcription Services

Here at Transcription City, we offer professional Korean translation services as well as expert Korean transcription services. Want to know more? Let’s start with a little background knowledge on the Korean Language….

Korean is the official language of Korea. In North Korea there are around 22 million speakers and in South Korea there are around 44 million speakers. Korean is also one of the official languages of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China. This is located near the border of North Korea. Around 2 million people speak Korean here.

In addition to this, there are millions of Korean speakers across Russia, Japan and the United States. In fact, an estimated 77 million people speak Korean globally.

Korean is part of the Koreanic language family and is considered to be a language isolate (a language that has little or no historical or linguistic relationship with another language). With Korean being spoken across the country, there are several dialects spoken including (Yeongseo dialects, Jeju dialects, Seoul dialects, Jeolla dialects, Gyeongsang dialects and the Phyong’yang dialect in North Korea). Around 60% of Koreans under 40 can speak English.

Since 15th Century, the official writing system of Korean has been Hangul (roughly translated as Great Script’). The Korean alphabet consists of 24 letters (11 vowels and 17 consonants). Modern Korean is written from left to right with spaces between each word but can also be written vertically left to right or right to left.

Korean Translation Services

We ensure that our Korean translators, Korean linguists and Korean transcriptionists have at least five years’ experience in their chosen area of excellence. This means that if you have a medical document to translate, we will match you with at Korean translator with many years of experience in the medical field that your document pertains to. Our team of Korean translators is large enough that we have many linguists able to cover many different industries, sectors and areas of expertise. Our Korean translators undergo regular training and testing to maintain high accuracy, knowledge, and experience.

Korean Transcription Services

Our Korean transcriptionists, linguists and translators can work from Korean to Korean video or audio and can translate directly to target language. We provide a range of Korean transcription services such as Korean medical transcription services, Korean legal transcription services, Korean academic transcription services, Korean transcription services for media and television, Korean business transcription services and more! We will select Korean transcriptionists and translators for your project based on their relevant experience and knowledge of your industry, tailoring to your specific requirements.

Korean Subtitling Services

We offer a full range of Korean subtitling services. Our Korean subtitling services include transcription of the video, subtitle creation (including SDL subtitles if required). Including subtitle file production or subtitle placement on to your video. Our subtitling services include Korean to Korean subtitles for SEO purposes. Please let us know your subtitling requirements as we can work from a range of source and target languages.

Korean Closed Captioning Services

Our Korean closed captioning services allow you to ensure that your video files are accessible to all. Closed captions include audio information for viewers who prefer to watch videos without sound or have hearing loss.

Our team designs and translates our closed captions for easy reading, ensuring they are perfectly timed. They sync perfectly with the video’s audio and visual aspects.  We include all information essential for to the understanding of video (phone rings, knock at the door, dog barks etc) Our Korean SDL services means that your videos will be accessible to everyone and comply with both regional and global subtitling guidelines and regulations. 

Korean Voiceover Services and Korean Video Dubbing

We offer professional Korean video dubbing for video production clients who want to give their audience the option of watching foreign language videos without subtitles. Our team expertly times our Korean video dubbing services to perfectly sync with the actors’ lip movements on screen.

We offer a range of professional voice over artists and actors to ensure that you can select the voice you want, at the right pitch, speed, sex and tone of voice. We also provide Korean voice over services for documentaries, news segments and reality television as required. 

Korean Website Localisation

Our Korean website localisation services allow you to reach a more local audience. You can connect on a more personal level with regional customers or clients. Our Korean website localisation content can cover your products, your services or messages that you wish to get across to specific regional audiences. Korean website localisation means that you can have your message tailored to meet the needs of your target audience. We select Korean linguists, authors, and translators for their local knowledge. Experienced writers with a proven background compose their team.This ensures your message is well-written and well-communicated. All Korean linguists, captioners, and translators must have at least 5 years of experience in their field. They also must sign an NDA before working with us.

If you would like more information about our Korean translation services, contact us. We offer Korean transcription services, Korean subtitling services, Korean voice over services or Korean website localisation. We are available around the clock and always happy to help.

Korean translation services, Korean transcription services, Korean subtitling services, Korean voice over services, Korean interpretation services

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