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Japanese Translation Services

Around 128 million people speak Japanese (Nihongo), the national language of Japan, which belongs to the East Asian language group and stems from the Japonic language family. It originates from the Japonic language family. Japonic languages includes Ryukyuan languages  indigenous language of the Ryukyu Islands. We provide expert Japanese translation services, transcription, subtitling as well as interpreting and take great care in our work. A picture of Japan. Japanese translation services, Japanese transcription services, Japanese interpreting services, Japanese subtitling services.

Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world. Modern Japanese dialects fall into three groups: Western Japanese (Kyoto), Eastern Japanese (Tokyo), and Kyushu, primarily comprising vowels. This makes it one of the most difficult languages to work with in the world. It is worth knowing Japanese is one of the politest languages in the world!


Japanese Writing Services and Japanese Characters

The current Japanese writing system utilises kanji (adopted Chinese characters), Hiragana, Katakana, Kagana and Kanji are the most used to create sentences. Katakana is utilised to for foreign loan words.


Experienced Japanese Linguists

Our Japanese linguists, translators and voice over artists have a vast of experience across a variety of sectors and industries. The linguists are accurate, fast and experienced to ensure the outcome of your project is completed to the highest level. Our Japanese linguists will work from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese. We ensure accuracy remains paramount.

Japanese Video Dubbing and Japanese Voice Over

Our Japanese voice over artists provide a variety of Japanese dialects, accents, tone, pitch and volume. Our voice over artists can work to use specific terminology where required.

Japanese Subtitling Services

The fast speaking pace of Japanese makes language speed important when creating subtitles from or to more slowly spoken source languages.Subtitling services in Japanese should done with experience working to and from the Japanese language.

We offer a professional subtitle creation and supply service. The Japanese language is a beautiful and polite language with a host of elements used to create subtitles. These include, Rubies, Chitlins and Boutens to mention a couple.

Japanese speakers make up a tenth of all internet users worldwide. Subtitling your videos in Japanese could potentially bring millions more viewers to your content, given its huge online audience!

When creating Japanese subtitles, all the wording is formatted to your requirements.  We are happy to offer a range of solutions meaning we offer a  wide range of formats. Our Japanese subtitling team ensure that the final outcome meets your specific needs and requirements.

Japanese Closed Captioning Services

The team we have available to create and deliver closed captions for your video are familiar with all national and regional requirements and guidelines. Closed captions in Japanese are useful on many levels but most of all they assist and enable those with a hearing loss to enjoy the film/series/show without barriers. We believe that all online and broadcast video should be accessible to all.

Japanese Video Transcription and Japanese Video Translation

We are fortunate to be able to offer full 360 degree service when it comes to Japanese to Japanese video and audio files.

We offer Japanese transcription services that we can translate into English (or your chosen target language). By offering a variety of target language options, we can create subtitles, closed captions, open captions, transcripts, documents and websites in a variety of languages from Japanese.

Japanese Website Localisation

Did you know that nearly 10% of all internet users speak Japanese! So having Japanese website localisation could transform your internet business.

We provide Japanese website localisation services to ensure that your message is accessible to all. Our linguists and writers create website copy perfectly tailored to the local market, ensuring our translations align with the consumer habits of the region.

Japanese Interpreting Services

Our Japanese interpreting services can cover online and onsite events, meetings and conferences. We provide expert simultaneous Japanese interpretation services as well as Japanese consecutive interpretation and Japanese whispering interpretation. 

If you would like more information about the Japanese translation services we offer or are interested in Japanese transcription services, Japanese subtitling services or Japanese voiceover services we’d love to hear from you. We also offer Chinese translation services and much more! Call, message or send us an email today.