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Transcripts for YouTube Videos

Many businesses use YouTube to connect on a more personal level with their target audience. YouTube videos can help you to educate, inform and share knowledge with your audience. It is also a great place learn what your target audience wants through video comments, video views and the number of subscribers that you have. One of the most challenging aspects of having your own YouTube channel, is being found amongst the millions of other great videos available on YouTube. After all, you could be making the best videos ever, but if they’re not properly optimised they may never be found by your target audience – or anyone for that matter!

YouTube Video Transcription

One of the best solutions to help make your videos easily found is by including a transcript of the dialogue that is contained within your video. This is an especially effective practice, as videos cannot be read by the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) and therefore, can only be searched for and found by whatever text you have included with your video. While many people will spend large amounts of time writing a good title and long description of their video content (which is important), very few companies accompany their videos with transcripts, meaning that you will have a clear edge over much of the competition.

Transcripts That Include Your Keywords

Knowing that video transcription is good for SEO, video transcription enables you to include any keywords or keyword terms that you would like your YouTube videos to be found from. It also makes you more aware of the things that you are saying, which often makes for a more concise and more exciting video.

Attract a Wider and More Diverse Audience with Transcripts

As well as making your YouTube videos more visible to your target audience, having an accurate transcript to accompany your video helps you to reach and connect with wider audiences such as those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as you can include captions in your transcript for enhanced viewing for hard of hearing audiences.

Aid Learning with Transcripts for your Students

You don’t have to be a university lecturer to make tutorials on YouTube. Many people use YouTube to learn new things from the comfort of their own home. Your students also benefit from transcripts that are included with YouTube video tutorials, as they can be printed off for a variety of uses. Transcripts of video tutorials are ideal for making notes from, highlighting important points or simply reading along with as you view, for optimum learning.

Finally, depending on the nature of your videos, video transcripts can also be modified and used in the form of ebooks, blogs, articles, promotional copy and even educational books or manuals. If you would like to take a look at the recommended layout for a YouTube video transcript click below.

YouTube Video Transcript

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