We are expert providers of Mandarin translation services. We offer tailor made Mandarin translation and Mandarin transcription packages, carried out by a highly skilled team of translators, linguists and typists. We will only work with linguists that have had a vast amount of time working within the perimeters of your requested project requirements. By applying these high standards, we ensure the quality of the translations are professional, accurate and timely.

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Mandarin is made up from traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese – they are similar but have different dialects and vary from region to region. The language dates back to 929AD in its current format with it being spoken by some 900 million people worldwide. 

Experienced Mandarin Linguists 

We will only work with the best Mandarin linguists and ensure that our linguist pool covers all industries. Rest assured that only the best linguists and translators are used to complete your Mandarin translation projects. We will work to your needs and deliver the best outcome for your project. We ensure our linguists are able to work from Mandarin to Mandarin as well as a host of other languages should you need. The crucial point is that the tone, style and syntax of your orignal text, audio or video will be matched to ensure your message is delivered in a professional format. 

Precise Mandarin Translations 

Each Mandarin translator and linguist will be familiar with the specific area or indeed terminology used. We will ensure that your Mandarin translator is able to create a seamless and accurate translation. Our Mandarin linguists have experience in Medical translation, Pharmacutical translation, legal translation, research translation or indeed most industries. This provides you with assurance that your work is being handled by those with an expertees into the topic or area they are working within. 

Mandarin Subtitling Services 

We create subtitles in Mandarin, traditional or simplified languages depending on your needs. We ensure that all the text is correctly formatted and fits the screen perfectly. It would be checked by a separate team member to ensure quality, timing and flow matches the video to perfection.  

Mandarin Closed Captioning Services 

Our Mandarin closed captioning services are timed perfectly to match with the original source language speech. We ensure that the viewing experience flows with what is on the screen. We believe that it is essential that closed captioning is accurate and contains all relevant information for the viewer. It is important to maximise the viewing experience for those that are deaf or hard of hearing. Our Mandarin SDL subtitling services ensure your videos are accessible to everyone and comply with all regional and international broadcast regulations. 

Mandarin Video Transcription and Mandarin Video Translation 

Here at Transcription City we can get your audio or video files translated to Mandarin. We can transcribed Mandarin to Mandarin, Mandarin to English and English to Mandarin. We are not restricted to certain languages so can translate from Mandarin into many different language combinations. We will deal with your translation requests to ensure the best possible outcome and final product.

Mandarin Website Localisation 

By you using our Mandarin Translation services you will have the ability to share your ideas, communicate your message, promote your products and reach out to an even greater audience of Mandarin speakers. Having Mandarin website localisation ensures your message is tailored to your target audience, is well written and well received by your readers.

All Mandarin linguists, subtitlers and translators are required have at least 5 years’ experience in their chosen field or industry. Translators must sign an NDA before working with us. Our Mandarin translation services offer you peace of mind when it comes to confidentiality.

If you would like more information about our Mandarin translation services, Mandarin transcription services, Mandarin subtitling services or Mandarin writing services, please get in touch. We are available around the clock and always happy to help.

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