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Specialist Medical Transcription Services

At Transcription City, we are medical transcription specialists. We provide a fast and accurate medical transcription service for all of our clients. We can turnaround files in as little as four hours and provide a first class Medical Transcription and Secretarial service that can save you an astonishing amount of time and money.

In the current economic climate, with cutbacks to staff across the NHS, not only is it imperative for practices, hospitals and clinics to make the most of the staff they have onsite, but it is also important to perform administrative tasks in a cost effective manner. Using an online medical transcription company can mean that you and your clinical and administrative staff are free to concentrate on in-house medical tasks such as patient appointments, care and diagnostics.

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Medical Transcription

Our medical transcription service is available at any time of day and night as well as during holidays and weekends, so important medical notes, urgent letters, emails and documents are always typed up accurately and on time. This means that you are able to work without the stress and worry that comes with being understaffed and consequently missing deadlines. Simply let us know your area of medicine and we can provide you with an expert online medical transcription service using reliable, experienced and accurate medical secretaries and transcriptionists.


We offer medical typing services at very competitive prices and are happy to tailor make our services to suit your needs, depending on your medical specialism and services required.

We understand that working in the medical industry can be extremely challenging and stressful. Our specialist medical transcription service can be invaluable in reducing the stress associated with overflow typing, paperwork and correspondence. Once we match you with a secretary that has experience and training in your field of medicine, all subsequent work will be completed using that secretary. Our medical typing services are highly interactive in this sense as you are able to provide and receive constructive feedback on an ongoing basis in order to ensure your documents always meet your requirements.

Medical transcription services can also be invaluable to medical research companies, pharma companies and students needing interviews, focus groups, research and conferences typed up. We understand how important accuracy of terms is in medical documents and when taking on work regarding research and development of new drugs, processes and procedures, we ensure new terms are always researched by our typists.

Our priorities lie in providing an accurate and efficient typing service suited to your needs, and in the medical industry, confidentiality is key. Our file upload facility is encrypted, secure and convenient to use. In fact, for added convenience, we can even receive dictations directly from your smartphone, Android or iPhone! If you currently use a dictaphone that uses tapes, don’t despair – you can visit our tutorials page to see how to convert tapes to digital audio for transcription online.

We can also offer a direct phone dictation service where either a message can be left with dictation or you can arrange to speak directly with your secretary on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – whatever you require. We currently have Medical Transcriptionists who specialise in the following fields:




Family Practice








Research Notes

General Surgery


Radiology Reports


Consultation Notes

Emergency Room Reports

Clinic Notes

Operative Reports

Progress Notes

Discharge Summary

Clinical Pharmacology

Drug & Alcohol Resource Unit


General Medicine

Geriatric Medicine



Infectious Diseases


STD Services

Complementary Medicine



Thoracic Medicine



Plastic Surgery

CBT and Psychology

Psychological Reports


Navigating the World of Medical Transcription Services

In the fast-paced realm of healthcare, where every second can mean the difference between life and death, accurate and timely documentation is the unsung hero. Imagine a tool that can save precious moments, ensure legible records, and bolster the seamless operation of medical facilities. Welcome to the world of Medical Transcription Services, an integral aspect of the healthcare industry, enhancing the way medicine is practiced and recorded.

Healthcare professionals, medical students, and institutions alike are continually seeking ways to streamline the administrative aspects of patient care. This article dives deep into the multifaceted world of medical transcription, elucidating its significance, the challenges accompanying it, and the gallant role it continues to play as healthcare gallops into the future.

Understanding Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services transform healthcare professionals’ oral records into written documents. This task is carried out by skilled experts proficient in medical jargon, making complex terminologies accessible to non-specialists. These services are a crucial, albeit silent, component of the healthcare system’s efficiency. They handle a variety of documents including patient histories, physical examinations, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric assessments, laboratory and X-ray reports, and pathology findings.

The role of medical transcriptionists has seen a paradigm shift with the inception of electronic health records (EHR). Providers that offer medical transcription services now blend meticulous record-keeping with technological proficiency, creating a rich narrative that tells the patient’s medical story accurately and meaningfully.

The Evolution of Medical Transcription

Gone are the days of clunky tape recorders and typewriters; medical transcription has dramatically evolved with digital innovation. This digital age has seen the inception of sophisticated software and platforms that streamline the transcription process, significantly increasing accuracy and turnaround times.

The past decade alone has witnessed an exponential growth of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology, marking a profound shift in how healthcare data is exchanged. Medical transcription has kept stride with these advances, integrating dictation platforms directly with electronic records and leveraging cloud technology for seamless accessibility.

The Benefits of Medical Transcription Services

Enhanced Patient Care Through Accurate Documentation

Precision remains the hallmark of medical transcription services. Accurate and detailed documentation ensures that the patient’s medical chronicle is expressed eloquently and unequivocally, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions and deliver tailored patient care.

Time-Saving for Doctors and Nurses

The most critical commodity in healthcare is time. Medical transcription services free up valuable hours for healthcare professionals, shifting the responsibility of documentation away from the clinical team, allowing them to focus on direct patient care.

Integration with Electronic Health Records

Seamless integration with EHR systems is a game-changer. This ensures that the patient’s chart is updated in real-time, making it accessible and useful across the spectrum of healthcare settings.

The Voice of Transcriptionists

The advent of cutting-edge technology poses both challenges and opportunities for medical transcriptionists. With software becoming more sophisticated, the traditional skill set of the transcriber is seeing a seismic shift. The transcription industry also faces the enduring issue of maintaining stringent data security and confidentiality regulations, crucial when dealing with highly sensitive healthcare information.

Ensuring the Safety of Transcribed Data

Data security is non-negotiable when choosing medical transcription services. Look for services that utilise advanced encryption methods, regularly update their security protocols, and enforce strict data access policies.

Contacting a Transcription Company

For healthcare practitioners, medical transcription services can be a beacon of efficiency in the bustling sea of patient care. The call to action for medical institutions and professionals is clear — consider outsourcing your transcription needs to a reputable service provider to unlock the full potential of your patient documentation.

In conclusion, medical transcription services continue to be the heartbeat of efficient healthcare documentation. It is an industry poised on the brink of revolutionary change, with the promise of even greater integration and innovation on the horizon. Healthcare professionals stand to benefit immeasurably from the aid of these unsung heroes, the medical transcriptionists, ensuring that each chapter in their patient’s story is written and preserved with the care and precision it deserves.

Contact Us for Medical Transcription Services

All of our Medical Transcriptionists are required to have at least five years of experience in their field of Medicine. We require that they have references from at least two medical professional sources and we are happy to provide you with CVs to peruse, if this is required.

It is possible to request that you have a Medical Secretary assigned to you to complete all ongoing medical transcription work. Your files will always be sent and received securely using an Encrypted File Transfer with SSL 256-Bit processing and private network firewall protection. We use the same level of security in transferring files that is used in financial transactions to ensure that sensitive patient files and data are always kept confidential. For the same reason, all of our medical transcriptionists are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before commencing any work with Transcription City.

Contact us at any time. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to helping your medical practice thrive!