Portuguese Translation Services and Transcription Services

At Transcription City, we employ Portuguese translators specializing in numerous sectors including medical, financial, legal, criminal, property, media, film, television and more.

Portuguese Translation from Text

Transcription Services and Translation Services Transcription CityPortuguese documents can be translated into English, or vice versa in a number of different formats including html for websites, .srt files for subtitles, and more common formats such as Word or PDF. Translating from text gives a more accurate completed document than translating from audio or video. We always use real linguists to translate documents rather than translation software and every translation is proofread to ensure it is consistent, accurate and meaningful.

Portuguese Transcription and Portuguese Translation from Audio and Video

We have a number of different options for audio and video translations. Our standard process for translating video or audio is to transcribe directly into the source language and subsequently translate the document into the target language. So for a Portuguese translation, we hire Portuguese transcriptionists to transcribe the audio into Portuguese, and a Portuguese translator (with mother tongue English) to translate that document into Portuguese. The final document is then proofread for accuracy and a German transcription and English translation returned to the client. A cheaper alternative is direct audio or video translation, where a Portuguese translator is hired to translate direct from audio or video, and subsequently, the English translation proofread and sent to the client (no Portuguese document will have been written). This method can be great for those on a tight budget but is slightly less accurate than the first option. Direct translation is not generally suitable for time coded translations or subtitles.

Portuguese Translation and Transcription Services Experts

Our Portuguese linguists, as with other languages, are highly qualified and experienced within translations and within their chosen sector. Our translators are all required to sign confidentiality agreements to keep client information safe and secure and have at least five years’ experience working with translations.

Portuguese Translation for SEO

Portuguese SEO translation can be a brilliant way for online businesses and individuals to market themselves or their work to a Portuguese audience. Search engine optimization is important for any business and at Transcription City, we can translate websites, marketing material, PowerPoint presentations, subtitles, blogs and more, all for the good of worldwide SEO.

Portuguese Translation Options

We offer a variety of options for Portuguese translation including standard, certified, proofread and expedited translation services, perfect for clients with a range of different needs, intentions ad budgets.

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If you require Portuguese translation services or Portuguese transcription services, whether it is for subtitle translations, document translation or translation of audio or video and would like quote, contact us today via email, telephone or webchat. We can’t wait to work with you.