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Our proofreading services are suitable for a range of documents and media. We are able to proofread data taken from any research, surveys, reports or manuscripts you are working on. This means that you can be confident that you will always have accurate results. You can get the best from your research data. We use only qualified and experienced proofreaders for your documents. Our team are individuals who have a keen eye for mistakes, whether obvious or more subtle. This means that your final document is the best it can be.

Proofreading Services

We offer expert proofreading services to cater to all requirements and specifications.

  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • CV’s
  • Correspondence
  • Email Templates
  • Reports
  • Research Data
  • Scripts
  • Contracts
  • Novels
  • Manuals
  • PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations
  • Manuscripts
  • Teaching and Educational Material
  • Promotional Documents
  • Ebooks
  • Transcripts
  • Medical Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Articles
  • Leases
  • Blogs

Tracked Changes

If your document is in Word format, we can show track changes and add comments for a small extra cost so that you can monitor all amendments made to your manuscript. If your file is in PDF format or uneditable, we can provide a proofreading service in conjunction with our copy typing service which may be the most cost effective and appropriate option for your work. Our proofreaders are fully qualified in using BSI proofreading symbols, so if you require a proofread document to be edited using these, we can provide this service. Also, if provided with the original manuscript and typeset document, we can cross check and distinguish between writer and typesetter errors as per traditional methods. Whatever your needs, we have qualified, experienced proofreaders that can check through and amend your documents to the very highest standards.

Proofreading Services (Example of Tracked Changes)

We are also able to provide a proofreading check list of errors in your document, along with specific recommendations for improving future documents and guidelines on how to avoid common errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation and spellings. This can also be combined with our document formatting services to ensure that tabs and margins are correctly aligned, that pictures are placed correctly and that page numbers etc. are all correctly formatted to match with the contents page.

As well as checking for punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors, our proofreaders are proficient in the use of word processing software and can edit or amend any formatting within your transcript for consistency and a professional finish.

Proof reading and editing for use with speech recognition software

If you use speech recognition software for your dictations, we can proofread, edit and amend your transcripts. We can also calibrate our amendments to your software so that it can become more efficient at recognising your dialect and tone of voice, making your software more accurate and therefore faster and with less future corrections.

Once you try our proofreading service, you may begin to wonder how you ever managed without us!
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Proofreading Documents for Publication

Whether you are writing a novel, a newspaper article, a brochure or a production script, it is extremely important that your copy is error free. Having errors in documents written for publication can mean the difference between success and utter failure! A well written document with even the slightest error in punctuation or spelling can mean the difference between finding an agent or not. With the internet making it so easy to review writers and their publications, it’s unlikely that even the smallest error will go undetected, which is why it’s always advisable to use a professional proofreader for your copy. We are also able to format documents and manuscripts according to publishers specifications regarding spacing, font size, word count and layout.

Proofreading Documents from Hard Copies

We are happy to proofread your documents both from hard and digital copies, always providing you with 3 end documents; the original, the tracked changes version and the final proof read version. We are also able to provide detailed summaries at the end of each page, outlining changes and recommendations to help target frequent errors or improve your overall writing style.

Our proofreading services are designed to find and correct every error, not to rewrite, change or alter the tone, message or style of your original document (please see our copy editing page for rewriting or ghost writing services). If you would like more information about our proofreading services or would like to obtain a free quote on any of our other secretarial, virtual assistant or transcription services, feel free to contact us at any time as we are always happy to help you. We also provide translation process services and subtitling services. 

Proofreading Services