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How to use a transcription company to help promote your business

Everyone knows that using a transcription company can be really useful to businesses that are looking to save money by outsourcing their overflow secretarial work, but not many people are aware of how helpful a transcription service can be when it comes to marketing your business. Online marketing or SEO can be enhanced by good quality website content and blogs that are properly laid out, grammatically correct and without spelling errors. Nothing looks worse to potential clients than to land on a website that looks unprofessional and sloppy. Not only will you fail to gain new clients, but chances are you’ll lose your current ones.

Additional advantages to using a professional transcription service for your business are that promotional or informative videos and podcasts can be transcribed and posted on to your website or blog, or written as an article. This can be really helpful for your SEO as the search engines can find keywords in written content, so your business will have more chance of a higher ranking on the search engines. It is also useful to listeners or people who watch your videos, as it offers a better understanding of your media and therefore more chance of return visits. Having informative and interesting articles and blogs also helps to build a good reputation for your business, as clients can see that you are an expert in your field.

By utilising the expertise of a good transcription company, you can also enhance any offline marketing strategies by having business correspondence dictated by you and then transcribed by professionals, so as to be perfectly worded and laid out. Promotional documents such as leaflets, brochures, business cards and flyers can be typed and proofread for optimal impact to any potential clients. All of this will create a great first impression, which is infinitely important, as this is an area that offers no second chances.

Along with the simplicity of being able to outsource the bulk of your marketing copy, you will also have the convenience of having your work turned around quickly and effortlessly, avoiding the usual stress that goes with marketing your business. Not to mention that you will also have saved a huge amount of money when compared with the cost of employing a contractor or temp to do the work instead.

Transcription City Typing Services offers you the chance to outsource your work to some of the most experienced, reliable and meticulous secretaries in the country. All of your confidential files are handled discretely and uploaded/downloaded via our 256-Bit SSL encrypted HTTP. Our company is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and all staff our required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before beginning any work with Transcription City.


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