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At Transcription City, there are a number of options for you to choose from for your different translation projects. Here is some information about our translation services.

Subtitle and Closed Caption Translation Services

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Avoid language barriers with our translation services

  • Upload of video files online via our secure FTP site or method of your choice, including DropBox, WeTransfer, YouSendIt, etc, or via courier.
  • Transcription of English subtitles into an .srt or .ssa format.
  • Proofreading and checking of accurate timings of final subtitle or closed caption files in English.
  • Allocation of work to linguists as required. (E.g. French linguist for French subtitles, Spanish linguist for Spanish subtitles).
  • Linguists translate speech line by line whilst maintaining .srt or .ssa formats.
  • Return of completed translated subtitles or closed captions to client.
  • We can offer a service to burn subtitles to your video file at an extra charge.

Document Translation Services

  • Upload of document via method of your choice, including DropBox, WeTransfer, YouSendIt, our secure FTP site, email or even courier, if you would prefer.
  • Allocation of document to linguist as required, to translate from source language to final translated document.
  • Proofreading of final translated document in final language.
  • Return of work to client, via email, internet, or hard copy, if preferred.

Audio Translation Services

If you have audio that you need to have translated, be it an interview translation, conference translation, focus group translation, translation of a broadcast or even a book on tape, there are a few options for you to choose from.

Firstly, upload of audio files online via secure FTP or whichever method suits you best:

Option 1 (For the most precise translation of document):

  • Intelligent verbatim transcription of audio file into source language by mother tongue speaker.
  • Allocation of foreign language document to mother tongue speaker of final language for translation.
  • Proofreading of final document to ensure accurate spelling, punctuation, grammar and retention of meaning.
  • Return of work to client.

Option 2 (A less expensive option for a slightly less precise final document):

  • Allocation of audio file to linguist for direct translation from audio to final translated document.
  • Proofreading of translated document to ensure retention of meaning as well as accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Return of work to client.

Software Translation Services

This can be a cheaper option for clients, but provides a far less accurate final document. The quality of documents generated through translation software (much like voice recognition software) is often compromised. For this reason, at Transcription City, we do not currently offer software translation services but rely on highly experienced, qualified linguists to do the best job possible.

Translation Levels

Much like with transcription, there are different levels of translation that you may require for your projects.

  • Basic Translation
  • Proofread Translation
  • Certified Translation

If you would like more information about any of our translation services, transcription services, video transcription services, captioning services or subtitling services, feel free to contact us at any time.

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