Secure and Confidential Transcription Services

Transcription Services – Confidentiality and Security

With our secure and confidential transcription services,you can feel safe in the knowledge that when you upload or download your confidential files to us, your information is kept safe with our encrypted, secure, SSL 256-Bit processing and private network firewall protection. We are compliant with the Data Protection Act and all of our typists sign a Confidentiality Agreement to make sure that your data is kept both confidential and protected. All files can be uploaded via our Upload Page and we can provide you with your own login and password to send and collect work if you would prefer not to receive your files via email. We are also compliant with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

If you do not want to send sensitive files over the internet we are happy to receive your files via courier to our head office in London. This can be arranged by telephone or by email.

Transcription City uses experienced typists from a variety of professional backgrounds. All of our typists and secretaries are required to have many years experience and extensive training in their field, and are used to handling sensitive files and information. Regular clients will be provided with their own secretary who will carry out all of the confidential work that is sent.

We use advanced technology and efficient broadband connections (fibre optic) to ensure that your work is typed up and delivered back to you in a timely manner. Your transcripts will be professionally transcribed using Transcription City templates or, if you have your own template or specifications, we are willing to discuss your needs.

Confidential Transcription Services

If you have any queries, or need additional support or information regarding the security of your files, please feel free to contact us directly via email or telephone to discuss your concerns.