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We Provide Expert Transcription Services

When it comes to providing high quality, accurate and reliable transcription services, we don’t leave anything to chance

When you choose to outsource to Transcription City Typing Services, all of your transcripts will be completed quickly and accurately by a secretary or transcriber who has at least five years experience in your industry. We charge per audio minute for our transcription and because of this we are highly cost effective when compared with hiring a temp or permanent employee. We are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and all of our secretaries and transcribers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before commencing any work.

Medical Transcription

Our medical transcription service is available at any time of day and night as well as during the holidays and at weekends, so important medical notes, urgent letters, emails and documents are always typed up accurately and on time.

Legal Transcription

We are registered with the Data Protection Act and our experienced legal secretaries and transcriptionists can help with interviews, recording and cases. We regularly transcribe PACE interviews and can work with cassettes or hard copies.

Video Transcription

Having film or video transcribed gives your viewers a more in-depth understanding of your message and can be used for viewers who are hard of hearing and is also great for marketing, allowing your content to be easily found by search engines.

Academic Transcription

You’re ready to start on your dissertation, you have your interview audio recordings and you want to get started on condensing it down into one coherent, logical piece of research. Send your recordings over to Transcription City, and have them transcribed for you.

Research Transcription

We have a team of transcriptionists who specialize in research transcription, who will provide you with fully researched and proofread transcripts to ensure that your documentation is as accurate as possible and that you get the information that you need.

Business and Corporate

Take the stress out of your workload with our online transcription, secretarial and virtual assistant support services. We are available seven days per week and are able to take on a variety of tasks including transcription of meetings, copy typing and much more.

We provide transcription services:

  • Medical Transcription and Secretarial Services
  • Legal Transcription
  • Transcription and Note Taking for Universities and Institutions
  • Secretarial Services for the Financial Sector
  • Property and Estate Agent Secretarial Services
  • Transcription services for Video and Podcasts
  • Transcription for Authors and Journalists
  • Conference Transcription
  • Transcription for Charities
  • Research Transcription
  • Corporate Transcription
  • Transcription and Captioning for Film and Television
  • Transcription and Typing Services for Schools and Community Centres
  • Transcription and Note Taking for the Hard of Hearing

Choose from a variety of secretarial and transcription services:

  • Transcription for Conferences
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Transcription for Interviews
  • Subtitles and Captioning
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Dictation Transcription
  • Transcription for Reports
  • Copy Typing Services
  • Transcription of Group Discussions
  • Telephone Interviews Transcription
  • Transcription with Time Coding
  • Transcription for Consumer Forums
  • Forms
  • Transcription of Conference Calls
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Note Taking Services
  • Minutes
  • Note taking for the hard of hearing
  • Proofreading Services
  • Correspondence
  • Speeches
  • Dissertations
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Verbatim Transcription Services
  • Intelligent Verbatim

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