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Online video Transcription Services and Subtitling for Vimeo

Here at Transcription City we can work with a huge range of video files and formats. This includes online video (taken from client uploads to our website, client portals or video sharing sites) as well as hard copies of your video files (taken from hard drives, USBs, DVDs and VHS cassette tapes). We can transcribe your videos (with or without time codes), can create open captions (burned on to the video), closed captions (can be turned on and off at will) or subtitles (in the source language of the video or in a variety of languages worldwide). However, today we’ll talk about our online video transcription services for Vimeo.

Online Video Transcription Services for Vimeo

Online video transcription servicesWe can provide a huge range of online video transcription services for your videos. This includes transcription with time codes, transcription with visual description, intelligent verbatim video transcription, strict verbatim video transcription and edited video transcription for the production of online articles and blogs (all great for SEO).

Closed Captioning services for Vimeo

Our closed captioning services are specifically designed with viewer accessibility in mind. We will produce captions that can be switched on or off at will. Our closed captioning services will include all of the relevant audio information that is needed to understand and enjoy the video without access to the sound. This includes both verbal and non verbal cues.

The great thing about closed captions is that you can add a large range of different options for your viewers, such as the option to view closed captions in different languages and different transcription styles.

Open Captioning Services for Vimeo

Open captions follow the same outline as closed captions. However, open captions are burned into the video itself, meaning they are a permanent feature of the video. These are generally used for foreign languages or portions of video that are hard to hear (think hidden camera) or portions of video with clips of foreign language spoken).

Foreign Language Subtitling Services for Vimeo

Subtitling services can be open or closed, but contain information relating to dialogue spoken only. This means that they are suitable for foreign language viewers or as an aid to viewers who are hard of hearing but not profoundly deaf. We offer subtitling services in a range of languages including English.

The Benefits of Online Video Transcription

The main benefit of online video transcription and captioning services is the accessibility they offer to all viewers, this promotes equality and viewer enjoyment. Video transcription is also great for search engine optimisation and when combined with translation can boost your video popularity on a worldwide scale.

If you would like more information about any of our online video transcription services, closed captioning services, subtitling services for vimeo or video translation services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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For information on how to upload your subtitles files to Vimeo, visit this page.