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Transcript Templates

At Transcription City, we provide a range of different transcript styles and formats. Our standard transcript templates use a simple and straightforward design and layout. This helps with readability and makes it easy for our clients to scan through their transcripts.

Transcript layouts and templates are essential tools in the world of transcription, offering a structured approach to presenting transcribed content. These layouts and templates are not only about organising text but also about enhancing readability, ensuring accuracy, and catering to specific requirements of various fields like academia, legal, and business. As well as for media, subtitling and translation.

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Transcript Layouts

Standard Transcript Template – Transcription City Transcription Services

Transcription TemplatesAlthough we offer this format with our standard transcription service, we can also provide you with a number of different formats, layouts and styles for your transcript depending on your individual requirements. As well as providing a number of different readymade templates for your transcript, we are also happy to use your own custom templates, if you would prefer.

Video Transcription Services

Time Coded Transcript Transcript – Transcription City Transcription Services

Time coded Transcription Services

Here is a sample of a Standard Time Coded Transcript for you to look at.

You can use video transcripts for various purposes, and for this reason, we offer three-column transcript templates for time coding. We recommend that you call us if you’re interested in this service to discuss the frequency of time codes you require. Time coded transcription has the benefit of making it easy to find specific words, sentences or paragraphs within the audio.

Time Coded Template with Visual Descriptions – Transcription City Transcription Services

Discourse analysis

Here is a sample of our Time Coded Video Transcript with Visual Cues and Nuances.

As videos have the extra dimension of visual information. Many clients need their transcripts to include additional visual cues and nuances. We offer either a three or four column transcript for visual cues and nuances, depending on whether you also wish to include time codes.

Discourse Analysis Transcription

Transcription City Discourse Analysis Transcript Example

Discourse analysis transcription services Here is a sample of our Standard Discourse Analysis Transcript.

Discourse analysis transcription is most often used by research professionals. This can include, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, those involved in healthcare, education and marketing sectors. We try to keep our standard discourse analysis transcripts as user friendly as possible, to ensure that they are easy to read and interpret for whoever reads them.

More information about discourse analysis transcription can be found here. 

Frequently Asked - Questions and Answers

Translation templates are specialised transcript formats used when converting spoken language from one language to another. They are structured to accommodate not only the translated text but also nuances of the original language, ensuring a faithful and accurate representation of the source material. Often the source language and translated text are side by side. This can help edit and understand what is being said more clearly. These types of transcript are very useful for video editing. This includes subtitling in a language different from the source language. 

Post-production transcripts are tailored for the film and video production industry. They include not only the spoken words but also non-verbal elements like background noises, music, and cues for sound effects, which are crucial in the editing and production process. They also often include both ‘in’ and ‘out’ timings.

Verbatim transcripts capture every word and sound from the audio source, including pauses, ums, ahs, and laughter. They are vital in legal settings, research interviews, and situations where the exact spoken words, including filler words and non-verbal sounds, are crucial.

Subtitling transcripts, such as SRT (SubRip Subtitle) files, are used for creating subtitles for videos. They not only transcribe the spoken words but also include time codes to sync the text with the video and instructions for subtitle duration and positioning on the screen. SRT files are a great way to make your content accessible. 

Bespoke transcript layouts are custom-designed to meet specific requirements of a project or industry. This involves working closely with the client to understand their needs and developing a template that captures all necessary details in a format that is both functional and easy to navigate.

Yes, multilingual transcription often requires specialized templates that can accommodate multiple languages effectively. These templates ensure that the transcript is easy to follow and that each language is clearly represented, often with annotations to indicate the speaker and language changes.

Legal transcript templates are designed with precision and clarity in mind. They often include speaker identification, time stamps, and a format that is easy to reference. Accuracy is paramount, as these transcripts can be used in legal proceedings and official records.

Academic transcript templates are structured to suit the diverse needs of educational settings, from lectures and seminars to academic interviews. They often include features like topic headings, timestamps, and speaker labels to aid in study and research.

Absolutely, custom transcript templates can be tailored to include company branding elements such as logos, specific fonts, and color schemes. This is particularly useful for businesses that use transcripts as part of their public-facing materials or internal documentation.

Creating a custom transcript template involves understanding the client’s specific needs, the nature of the content, and the intended use of the transcript. The process typically includes several stages, from initial consultation to drafting, reviewing, and finalizing the template to ensure it meets all requirements.

Diverse Types of Transcript Layouts

Transcript layouts come in various forms, each designed to meet specific needs. Standard layouts are commonly used in academic and legal settings where a clear, concise format is required. On the other hand, customised layouts cater to more specific needs, such as interviews, podcasts, or corporate meetings. This is where additional elements like speaker identification or time stamps are essential. Then there are continuity scripts, post production scripts and SRT files. These use used in the media and production companies. 

Standard transcripts are a great choice for one-to-one interviews, group interviews, focus groups and dictation. Depending on your requirements, our basic transcripts can be written in the following styles:

  • Discourse Analysis Transcription
  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Intelligent Verbatim Transcription
  • Edited Transcription

These styles of transcript can be combined with a variety of layouts. This includes time stamps and or time stamps with visual description. With this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the templates we offer. Please note we can use your existing transcript templates if required. 

Custom Transcript Layouts and Transcript Templates

We will do our best to provide you with whichever layout, format or style of transcript that you require for your audio or video files. We can also alter our existing templates to include your company logo, custom changes and footers that include your web address. This is particularly useful if you intend to publish copies of your transcripts on your website or distribute them to clients. If you are unsure of what type of transcript is best for you, please feel free to contact us at any time for more information about the pros and cons of different transcript styles. To demonstrate the quality and style of our finished transcripts, we offer a complimentary five-minute sample transcript. This is available on standard transcripts only.

We will use your audio or video file for this sample to provide you with a realistic example of the final product and its contents. We find that this can really help our clients to decide on exactly what they want.

For more information or advice regarding our transcription services or any of our other secretarial services, please contact one of our secretaries via email or telephone.