Podcast Transcription

We can transcribe your podcasts!

Podcast transcription is well worth considering if you want to obtain a wider and more diverse audience for you podcasts. Competition can be fierce around podcasts and having your podcasts transcribed can really give you the edge over the competition. Transcripts of podcasts can also be emailed to listeners who may have missed your show, be converted into subtitles if you have a video podcast or you can take excerpts from your podcast transcript and use as a basis for your blog posts, webpages or articles. Podcast transcripts also help with your social media efforts as links to transcripts can be easily shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the like.

Many people find it easier to absorb information by listening to a podcast and being able to read the transcript. Our podcast transcription services can also be useful for the hard of hearing or for those who prefer to read. If you own a business or website, having transcripts of your podcasts is great for SEO and also help you to connect with a wider audience.

We provide high quality, accurate and timely Transcription Services, so whether you have created a podcast for your business, to accompany your blog or just for fun, we will provide you with quality transcripts to use as you please!

We also provide Transcription Services and Subtitling for:

Podcast Transcription

YouTube Videos (Video Podcast Transcription)

Having a YouTube Podcast gives you the opportunity to produce a multimedia experience for your listeners, by including video, slides and pictures in your podcast, if and when required. YouTube podcasts can be made at very little cost, but can give you a platform to talk about the things that interest you or your business. Using a podcast transcription service for your YouTube podcasts, means that you can also upload your transcripts straight to YouTube for subtitling and well as offering a downloadable podcast transcript if required.

Podcasts (Podcast Transcription)

Whether or not you choose to use video as a platform for your podcasts, having your audio only podcasts transcribed is even more important, as without transcripts they are inaccessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. Podcasts transcription, will really help to get your message to a wider audience, by improving your SEO, making your content easier to share and with a couple of edits can even be used as separate articles or blog posts.

Radio Shows (Radio Podcast Transcription)

We regularly transcribe podcasts for various radio stations weekly and monthly. Radio podcast transcription is a great option for journalists, DJ’s and celebrities, as not only does help you to increase your audience, but it also makes your PR much simpler. Promote yourself by sending your podcast transcripts straight to the press for access to any relevant quotes or interviews. This means you can stay ahead of the competition and in the headlines.

Videos (Online Video Podcast Transcription)

If you choose to use video for your podcast, it doesn’t have to be just on YouTube, in fact there are a number of different online platforms that will allow you to create and produce video podcasts at very little cost. We can help you reach your target audience with our verbatim or edited podcast transcription services.

Online Interviews (Podcast Interview Transcription)

Online interviews with industry leaders, experts or celebrities can make for captivating podcasts. Having a transcript of your online interviews allows you to share the content with your interviewee, and helps with editing your podcast. We often produce time-coded transcripts for podcasts that require editing, as we find that it saves our podcaster clients time and helps them to get the best final edit.

Webcasts (Webcast Transcription)

Webcasts can be hard to promote. Having a transcript of your webcast can really help you gain a wider audience for your web podcasts, for instance, important or useful excerpts from your webcast can be sent directly to your subscribers in the form of an edited transcript. Or full transcripts can be sent to ensure that your viewers and listeners never have to miss an episode or your webcast again.

Streaming (Transcription for Live Podcasts)

Live podcasts are a great way to interact with viewers, especially if you let them participate in your podcasts from time to time. If you conduct live podcasts, then we can provide urgent podcast transcription services and have the transcript of your entire live podcast, complete and sent to you in as little as just four hours, often even quicker!

Online Conferences (Multiple Speaker Podcast Transcription)

Online conferences can contain vast amounts of information and can often be hard to follow if technical in nature. Having a transcript of your online conference podcasts can help clarify any technical points in your conference and can be sent to colleagues or those who are interested in the subject matter of your online conference. We are also able to provide a transcript summary or edited transcript to make sure the flow and meaning of your discussion is clear, articulate and easy to read.

Our typists can transcribe your podcasts in as little as four hours (depending on which service you choose to use). All work will be fully proofread by the typist. If you would like more information about our podcast transcription services or if you have any questions about any of our other online virtual assistant or transcription services, visit our Contact Us page.