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Italian Translation Services, Editing and Italian Transcription Services

At Transcription City we offer professional, fast and accurate Italian translation services, Italian editing services and Italian transcription services. Whether you need legal, academic, commercial or scientific translations from English into Italian, editing on an Italian document or a transcription of a video or an audio file in Italian, our expert linguists will be available to help you.

Italian Translation Services

Italian Translation Services, Editing and Italian Transcription ServicesOur Italian translators are native speakers with strong experience in translating a variety of documents. They deliver accurate and reliable translations from English into Italian that retain the meaning of the source text but sound natural and are clear to an Italian audience. The linguistic choices made by our translators reflect in terms of tone and style the purpose of the text.

We work on a wide range of written contents, including CVs, business emails and letters, contracts, manuals, websites, catalogues, articles, newsletters, movie scripts, essays and theses.

All our translations are written in impeccable Italian and are proofread in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Italian Editing Services

If the Italian text you would like us to work on requires a little ‘’makeover”, our linguists are available to rewrite your material using a touch of creativity to make sure it will catch the reader’s attention and effectively communicate a message. Especially aimed at fields such as media and marketing, our Italian editing services will make sure your websites, blogs, magazines, brochures and advertisements will successfully reach their target audience.

Italian Transcription Services

We offer transcription services of video and audio files in Italian. Whether you need a word per word transcript or a transcription that includes editing for dubbing or subtitling purposes, we can help. We are also available for combined transcription/translation services: send us a video or an audio file in English and we will have it transcribed directly into Italian.

Italian Subtitling Services and Italian Video Transcription Services

We offer Italian subtitling services, both from Italian dialogue into English subtitles and English dialogue into Italian subtitles. Our Italian subtitling services are available for online videos, YouTube Italian subtitling services, Vimeo Italian subtitling services, Italian subtitling services for DVD and Italian subtitling services for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and broadcast television.

If you would like more information about our Italian video transcription services, Italian transcription services, Italian translation services or Italian subtitling services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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