Medical Translation Services and Transcription Services

Medical Transcription ServicesWe offer medical translation services across a huge range of specialties, languages and dialects. Our experienced and professional medical translators translate only into their mother tongue in order to ensure the highest standards for your finished documents. Our translators seamlessly combine language skills with subject knowledge to create medical translations that are linguistically, culturally and technically accurate.

We employ medical translators to work around the clock, so you can be assured that your translated medical documents will be returned on time, on budget and in a format as agreed, even working with your own house styles and templates where appropriate.

  • Medical document translation with English as the source language (English translated into another language).
  • Medical document translation with English as a target language (another language translated into English).
  • Pharmaceutical translation including reports, studies and market research translations.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical website translation.
  • Medical brochure translations, including leaflets and labels.
  • Protocol and medical guideline translations.
  • Research paper translation, including formatting graphs, pictures and tables for consistency.
  • Medical translation of doctors reports, letters and records.
  • Medical transcreation; maintaining the style, intent, tone and context of the source language document, making edits where appropriate to reflect cultural norms, brands, medical abbreviations and more…
  • Medical book and journal translation.
  • Medical presentation translations, including PowerPoint translations, Word translations, Excel translations and more…

As well as providing document translations for medical purposes, we also specialise in working with audio and video.

or Media, our Medical Translation Services Include:

  • Medical video transcriptions in foreign languages.
  • Medical audio transcription in foreign languages.
  • Time coded medical foreign transcription for audio and video.
  • Medical video translation English into another languages.
  • Medical video translation another languages into English.
  • Medical audio translation with English as the source language.
  • Medical audio translation with English as the target language.
  • Medical subtitling for foreign TV and film productions and online video content and/or podcasts.
  • Medical subtitle and caption translations for TV, film and online media content.
  • Medical logging rushes translation for TV and film production editing.

Medical Translation Languages:

For the professional translation of medical documents, presentations, video and audio, we work with the following languages:

  • French translation
  • Italian translation
  • Spanish translation
  • Greek translation
  • Chinese translation
  • German translation
  • Dutch translation
  • Norwegian translation
  • Russian translation
  • Polish translation
  • Swedish translation
  • Portuguese translation
  • Japanese translation
  • For other languages, please contact us to enquire!

With our medical translation and transcription services, we can produce documents and media that is both accurate and professional, using only qualified and experienced medical translators, medical transcriptionists and linguists. If you have a medical transcription project or are in need of medical translation services for audio, video or any other type of media, please feel free to contact us at any time. We can help you come up with the best and most cost effective solutions for your project.