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Our Translation Services

Transcription services based in London
To ensure that you get the most from our translation services, we offer a range of translation packages to meet your requirements based on various aspects of your project, including turnaround, level of proofreading and type of industry you are in.

We offer a range of translation services for our clients, including document translation, subtitling, video translations, audio translation and transcription into a foreign language.

Video Translation

We can translate your videos into a range of different styles, including basic transcription/translation, translation with time codes, various translated subtitle files and translation of captions. Our turnarounds are fast and all linguists will have..

Medical Translation

Medical translation requires a translator who is not only a great linguist, but also has the relevant experience and knowledge to deal with complex medical technology. We carefully select all medical translators depending on their experience and qualifications and ...

Legal Translation

Legal translation must be extremely accurate and precise to be fit for purpose. Our legal translators are proficient in legal terminology and need to have at least 5 years experience in the legal sector. We can help with various files such as police interviews, evidence, contracts and meetings.

Corporate Translation

We can translate business documents (text to text) or business meetings (audio to text). Our translation services include translation for seminars, translation for webinars and translation for disciplinary interviews.

Translation for Marketing and SEO

Translated web videos, websites, blogs and online articles are all SEO gold! This is because they offer you so much more content that is searchable – and searchable worldwide! Supercharge your marketing strategy by taking your web-presence global...

Our rates start from as little as 85p per audio minute. Additional charges may be incurred according to industry, style of transcription, audio quality and number of speakers. For a rough guide, visit our prices page. For an exact quote, contact us
We accept most file formats. We can accept direct uploads from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or tablet and provide this service for regular clients who have their own login, using the Dictamus dictation app available on iTunes and Google Play. This service can also be provided for new clients, but will require an additional fee. We are also able to receive small files via email.
You will receive the completed translation by email.
We are available during office hours to answer questions you may have, contact us any way you’d like and we will be sure to follow you up as soon as we can.
You can register with us or send us a file , someone will pick up the phone, read your message or analyse the file and get you started.