French Translation Services and French Transcription Services

At Transcription City, we offer French translation services and French transcription services both from English to French and French to English. We work with document, video and audio translations and employ highly experienced and qualified linguists to take on projects.
French Translation Services French Transcription Services

French Translation from Text

We employ linguists that predominantly work with translations from text. We can work with documents in a range of formats including the most common Word and PDF formats. Our document translation prices start from £80 per 1000 words and we can work to your own house styles, templates and specifications.

French Translation Services and French Transcription Services for Audio and Video Translations

If you require video or audio to be translated, Transcription City can provide you with a few options. For the most accurate translations for video and audio files, we employ mother tongue speakers to transcribe your file. Your linguist will then work with the document, translating word for word where possible but always retaining meaning. Another option is to translate direct from audio. This option can be less accurate but is appropriate for those looking to make cost savings.

French Translation Services Experts

Linguists that work for Transcription City are minimum degree educated, qualified and experienced in providing high quality translations. We employ mother tongue speakers of the target language. For example, if you are having a document translated from French to English, your translator will be mother tongue English, but if you are looking for translations from English to French, your linguist will be a mother tongue French speaker. Once completed, all translations are proofread to ensure the highest standards and levels of accuracy.

French Translation Services for SEO

We live in a virtual world, with many businesses running almost predominantly via the web. Search engine optimization is crucial for any successful company, as it makes your products and services known to all. If you are looking to make your business accessible and successful on a global scale, translations can be brilliant for this purpose. Transcription City provides website translation services, marketing translation services, and can even translate any promotional videos, YouTube videos or podcasts that you have to advertising purposes.

French Translation Options

At Transcription City, we like to be flexible and so offer clients differing levels of translation standards and processes. From fully proofread translations, to our standard packages, and urgent turnarounds, our translators and us should be able to help meet your translation needs.

Contact us for Expert French Translation and French Transcription Services

If you are in need of high quality French transcription services or French translation services, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, webchat or telephone, and we’d love to hear from you.