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Greek Translation Services and Greek Transcription Services

Greek, with its millennia-spanning history and profound influence on Western civilization, is not just a language; it’s a legacy. Its translation services offer a bridge to a world where history, philosophy, literature, and modern commerce converge. Understanding Greek, spoken predominantly in Greece and Cyprus, also unravels cultural nuances essential for effective communication in these regions.

At Transcription City, we provide top notch Greek translation services and transcription services including Greek Cypriot translations, in whichever style and format your company requires.

Greek translation services, Greek transcription services, Greek subtitling services

Greek Document Translation

We hire Greek linguists who are fluent Greek and English speakers to translate your documents to the highest standards according to your needs. Our services also include a second proofread upon request. We can translate your Greek websites, film scripts, subtitles, and many, many more.

Greek Translation and Greek Transcription Services (Greek Audio Translation)

Alongside our Greek document translation services, we provide a service to translate your audio and video. We can translate Greek to English for your podcasts, interviews, seminars, focus groups, conferences, videos, rushes and many more. We can write and translate Greek subtitles for videos online and can work from YouTube, Vimeo, and other social media links to access your files as quickly and easily as possible. Our subtitles are translated in .srt and .ssa formats, but if you have other requirements, we would be happy to work with you.

Greek Translation and Transcription Services Experts

With at least five years Greek translation experience, our Greek linguists are all educated to degree level and will be handpicked based on their professional experience and specialisms to ensure the most accurate final translated document is produced. Medical and technical translators are vetted to ensure they have had the necessary training and experience within their sector.



Having a fully translated website, and translated YouTube and promotional videos can be brilliant for your global SEO.

Greek Translation and Transcription Services Options

At Transcription City, we understand clients have different budgets and priorities. With this in mind, we have different translation levels, or options to suit your needs and pockets. Our levels include certified transcription and translation at the very highest level, followed by proofread translation, and basic translation. Our prices are quoted per audio minute or per word so you can work to your budget before we start.

Understanding the Demand for Greek Translation

The Greek language, one of the oldest in the world, boasts an extensive history that dates back to the 9th century BC. Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, it has evolved through the ages, from the Classical Greek of Homer’s epics to the Hellenistic Greek of Alexander the Great’s era, and finally to the Modern Greek spoken today. This evolution presents unique challenges and opportunities in translation, making expertise in the language invaluable.

The Global Reach of the Greek Language

Greek is predominantly spoken in Greece and Cyprus, with a significant number of speakers in diaspora communities across the world, notably in the United States, Australia, and Canada. This global spread underscores the need for proficient Greek translation services in various sectors, including business, law, medicine, and technology.

Ancient Roots: The Birth of Greek Language

The Greek language’s origin lies in the Proto-Indo-European language family, branching out and developing its distinct alphabet, which has influenced numerous writing systems worldwide. This deep historical context enriches the language, adding layers of complexity to its translation.

Historical Milestones in the Greek Language

Greek’s journey through antiquity to the Byzantine era and into modern times is marked by significant linguistic milestones. Each era, from the Classical period’s rich literature to the Byzantine Empire’s religious texts, contributes to the language’s depth, affecting its translation nuances.

Geographical Spread: Where Greek Thrives Today

While the primary speakers of Greek reside in Greece and Cyprus, the language’s influence extends globally. Understanding its geographical spread is crucial for targeting translation services effectively, especially in regions with substantial Greek-speaking populations.

Greek in the Modern World: Usage and Importance

In today’s globalized world, Greek remains relevant in various spheres. Its use in the European Union, international commerce, and digital content creation underscores its continuing importance, necessitating accurate and culturally-sensitive translation services.

The comprehensive exploration of Greek Translation Services will delve into each of these areas, providing insights into the language’s rich history, current global influence, and the nuanced art of translating Greek in various fields. This journey through the world of Greek translation will illuminate the intricacies and opportunities that lie within this ancient yet ever-relevant language.

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