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Chinese Translation Services and Chinese Transcription Services

For our Chinese translation services we provide highly educated, qualified and experienced Chinese linguists for your translation needs. Our Chinese translators specialise in a range of industries including medical, legal, film, television, media and property, and many more Our Chinese translators can work with a variety of video, audio and document formats, and can work to your specifications and house styles in providing you with the final document that you need.

Chinese transcription services, Chinese translation services, Chinese subtitling services

Chinese Translation from Text

At Transcription City, we can translate your Chinese text into English, or English text into Chinese. We believe in people, in highly qualified and experienced linguists to translate your documents. With the rise of Google Translate and online translation software, it can be easily to be sucked into thinking ‘Why employ a translator to do a job that a machine can do for a fraction of the price?’ But translation is an art form, requiring true understanding and skill. Just think about the amount of double negatives, language-specific sayings, slang and homophones that the English language contains. A human translator can make sense of what is being said, in order to translate in a meaningful way, whereas software will translate what is written without taking into account meaning, leading to some near-on disastrous outcomes!

Chinese Transcription and Chinese Translation from Audio and Video

For subtitle translation, video translation and audio translation, look no further. Transcription City specializes in video and subtitle translation and can work with a vast array of video and audio formats, as well as subtitle formats for your translation purposes. We are able to work direct from links to Vimeo, Vine and YouTube, amongst others. For more generalised translation that doesn’t require such high levels of accuracy, you can opt for a direct translation from audio, a cheaper option for those keeping to a tight budget.

Chinese Translation Experts

When employing Chinese linguists, we look for translators with the highest levels of qualification and experience. Our linguists are all required to sign a confidentiality agreement and other contracts before taking on any work with us. One employed, our Chinese translators will advise us of their area of specialism, so we are able to match them to projects as appropriate. For example, a medical translation will contain very different terms and language styles to a legal translation, so our linguists will be experts not only in translation but also within their chosen sector.

Translation for SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is vital for marketing businesses, products, services and people online but if you are looking to fulfil you or your company’s global potential, SEO translation could be vital. Transcription City provides translations of websites, social media posts, profiles and information, as well as translation of marketing materials.

Translation Options

For our clients, we offer a number of translation options to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for urgent translation services, certified translation services or just a standard package, we can help.


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