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Microsoft Office Translation Services

For any and all Microsoft Office applications, we can provide high quality translation services to suit your needs. We work with a wide range of languages which include French translations, German, translations, Chinese translations, Italian translations and many more… But whilst our linguists are highly qualified and experienced in providing professional translation services, we also hire translators with a broad range of computing skills using Microsoft and other software. Here’s some of the file formats and styles our translators at Transcription City can work with.

Transcription services and translation services
Transcription Services and Translation Services

Word Document Translation Services

For your Word documents, we can provide translation services to open up what you have to say to a wider audience globally. We are able to translate legal documents, books, articles, blogs, contracts, reports, letters and many more with our Word document translation services, for a per source word charge. Our linguists possess high skill levels in formatting, and not only can we translate the content of your documents, but we can also include and work with your hyperlinks, contents, page breaks and even Word art and embedded pictures or graphs to transfer fully every aspect of everything you wanted to get across, just in a different language. You may not only want your documents to be accessible to foreign speakers, but also to those who are visually impaired and require accessibility checks and measures to gain access to your documents. We currently also provide accessibility translation services for this very purpose. We can also work with PDF documents, transcribing in a foreign language, and translating into a Word document. Our standard approach is to send back Word documents that are editable so they are easier to work with but on request, we can happily convert your translated files to PDF.

PowerPoint Presentation Translation Services

PowerPoint presentations can be tougher than you’d think to translate from one language into another. Let’s say you want to translate a really important presentation from English into German, ready for a conference you’re going to be attending soon in Germany. You may think German translation would just be a case of translating the words contained in your document, but there is so much more to it than that. Languages differ in word and sentence structure and length, and that really impressive, artistic box you created to insert your English text, well, the German words don’t fit and are spilling out all over the place! What you need is not only translation services, but also foreign formatting services in order to save you the time in fixing formatting discrepancies that arise yourself one receipt of your German translation – in which case, Transcription City is definitely the company for you.

Excel Translation Services

Excel translations are typically quite simple. Excel is a numbers based programme, and numbers are universal, so Excel translations tend to be quite straightforward. We can work to translate your table headers, contents, hyperlinks, graphs and charts, and more…

Microsoft Publisher Translation Services

If your company does a lot of marketing, creating brochures, leaflets, business cards and the like in Publisher and is looking to branch out globally, or even nationally to reach more foreign speakers, we can translate your Publisher files for you. As with PowerPoint presentations, there can be differences in the length and structure of different languages. Take Chinese for instance. What takes 50 characters in English may only take 32 in Chinese characters, so when translating artwork that needs to be appealing to the eye, you neither want blank spaces or text crammed in upon translating your files. We can work with you to keep formatting and artwork consistent whether it’s filling in blank spaces on English to Chinese translations, or making space for more text in English to Spanish translation, we can help.
If you would like more information about our foreign language transcription services, translation services or video transcription services, why not get in touch today? We’re available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

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