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Subtitling Services and Translation Services for Subtitles

Transcription City offer subtitling services and captioning translation services. We can produce subtitles from a range of different languages and dialects. We have an experienced team of subtitling professionals, translators and linguists dedicated to subtitling and captioning.

The History and Origins of Subtitles and Closed Captions

The concept of subtitles and closed captions has a fascinating history, integral to the evolution of media and accessibility. This journey, deeply rooted in both subtitling services and translation for subtitles, highlights the progression from silent films to the diverse, global media landscape we have today.

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Early Beginnings in Silent Films

The inception of subtitles dates back to the era of silent films in the early 1900s. Initially, filmmakers used inter-titles or title cards, inserted between film scenes to convey dialogue or narrative elements. This method was the foundation of ‘subtitling services,’ albeit in a basic form.

The Transition to Sound and Early Subtitling

With the advent of sound in films during the late 1920s, known as the ‘talkies’ era, there arose a need for translating these films for different languages. The first known instance of live subtitling occurred in 1929, where a film was shown in Paris with live commentary in French. This innovation marked a pivotal moment for ‘translation for subtitles’.

The Growth of Subtitling in the Mid-20th Century

Post World War II, international film festivals became more popular, increasing the demand for subtitled films. Subtitling services began to evolve, with more sophisticated techniques for translating and syncing the spoken word to the visuals.


Closed Captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Closed captions, distinct from subtitles, were developed primarily for the deaf and hard of hearing. The first significant step was in the early 1970s when the National Bureau of Standards started developing a technology to encode captions into TV signals, leading to the first closed-captioned broadcast in 1980.

Digital Era and Modern Subtitling

The digital age brought remarkable changes to subtitling and translation services. Digital technology allowed for more accurate and efficient synchronisation of subtitles, and the internet enabled the rapid expansion of content requiring translation for subtitles.

Globalisation and the Role of Translation Services

As the world became more interconnected, the demand for ‘translation for subtitles’ soared. Films, TV shows, and online content now reach a global audience, necessitating translation into multiple languages. Subtitling services play a crucial role in bridging language barriers and enhancing accessibility.

The Future of Subtitling and Closed Captions

Today, subtitling and closed captioning are integral to media consumption, with advancements in AI and machine learning promising even more efficient and accurate translation services. The future looks towards more inclusive media, with subtitles and captions playing a key role in this evolution.

The history of subtitles and closed captions is a testament to the advancements in technology and a reflection of our society’s commitment to inclusivity and global communication. Subtitling services and translation for subtitles have not only transformed the way we consume media but have also brought the world closer together.



Subtitling Services and Translation for Subtitles

Our subtitlers and linguist will work on your online video and film, meaning that your videos are in sync with perfect timings. They will work with the networks specified character counts for your subtitles and captions. Meaning that your subtitles and captions will pass validation processes.

Our subtitling service includes a range of subtitle styles and formats. An example is .srt subtitles (text based subtitle files) often used for web videos. Both .srt and .vtt files are suitable for video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. We strive to help you to increase your worldwide audience, gain exposure to your content and maximise your profits.

All of our subtitle technicians and translators are fully qualified. Offering both open and closed captioning and subtitling services.

When you use our subtitle translation services, we first transcribe the language spoken in your video. This process allows us to apply perfect timings to your subtitles and captions and export them in the correct format. We then allocate your subtitle files to language specialists who are proficient in subtitling services and localisation. Our proofreaders and spotters will watch through the videos in order to check that the timings are absolutely perfect. They will also check that the translation is correct and easy to read. When we provide subtitle translation services, we understand that every millisecond can make difference.

Why choose us for Subtitle and Closed Caption Translation Services

  • We have many years experience both subtitling and captioning for film and video.
  • We are highly accurate and always use a second proofreader double check every subtitle line on your video.
  • We are flexible and can work on subtitling on a range of video formats.
  • We use linguists that specialise in your chosen field, so the utmost level of accuracy and consistency of meaning can be ensured in your subtitle translations.
  • We can work to tight deadlines.
  • We offer competitive prices, but never compromise on quality.

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