Interview Transcription Services

If you are looking for accurate, timely and reliable interview transcription services, then you have come to the right place. Transcription City can provide you with interview transcription in a number of different styles, including verbatim interview transcription, intelligent verbatim interview transcription or edited interview transcription. We are also able to offer interview transcripts that include time codes and visual descriptions.

We have specialist transcriptionists with experience in your field or industry including:

Medical Interview Transcription

Accurate medical transcription takes experience, patience and training. If you have medical interviews that need to be transcribed, we can offer specialist medical transcriptionists and secretaries with the right skills – ensuring that your finished transcript is accurate, easy to read, and returned to you quickly. Having your medical interviews transcribed provides an invaluable resource for learning, development and training. Medical interviews can also be used as the basis for articles, web pages or blogs for your company or practice, without you needing to go through the hassle of taking notes yourself.

Radio Interview Transcription

Having your radio interviews transcribed is a great way of catering to audiences who are either hard of hearing or just prefer to read. Radio interview transcripts are also an invaluable way of getting the quotes you need quickly and accurately, ready for news broadcasts or newspaper articles. Our turnaround times start from as little as four hours!

Television Interview Transcription

We are able to transcribe and return television interviews in as little as a few hours, so if you need to get your works into print quickly and accurately – we can help.

Journalistic Interview Transcription

Writers and journalists will often have to conduct hours of interviews just to get a few solid quotes. Sifting through audio to find the information you are looking for can be a long drawn out process, as can be typing out that information yourself when you have other articles to be getting on with. At Transcription City, our typing services include journalistic interview transcription. Your interviews can be transcribed onto a Word document, so you can search for what you are looking for by simply using the find function, and you can have immediate access to any quotes just by using copy and paste.

Research Interview Transcription

We have experienced, qualified typists in research transcription. Whatever your specialism, when conducting research interviews, you will most definitely be looking to have your interviews typed out in a professional, accurate and easy to read manner. Research interview transcripts are useful for obtaining quotes, encouraging training and development, or even just for circulation via email or post to colleagues and companies in their entirety. Research transcription can also be useful in providing typing services for students to either aid them in their own research or simply to help with study.

Police Interviews and Legal Transcription

Police interview Transcription (or PACE interview transcription) must be accurate. We can provide you with an experienced legal typist who can transcribe your interviews in strict verbatim with the use of time codes if needed. We can also accept tapes and other analogue formats that we can convert to digital, if preferred, and can offer turnaround times that suit your needs.

Therapy Session Transcription

Therapy or psychology interviews (including psychiatry) can provide a useful insight to your patients’ progress and are great for research purposes. Having an accurate transcript of you therapy sessions can provide an often much needed insight into your patients’ development and can allow you to structure your approach to better suit your patients’ needs. It also means that you don’t miss any important parts of your discussions or interviews because you forgot to take notes.

We can transcribe your interviews using your provided templates or our own standard templates. Alternatively, we can even design custom templates for your specific needs. If you have an interview that you would like us to transcribe or would like to obtain a free quote on getting your interviews typed out, why not contact us via email, instant message or telephone. We even offer a free five minute transcript example, so that you can sample the high standard of our work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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