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The Benefits of Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Services

Accurate medical transcription is an essential part of any medical facility. It can save doctors, clinicians and medical staff huge amounts of time and enable them to concentrate soley on the needs of their patients. Many health care facilities will have a medical secretary who will have to find the time to double up as a medical transcriptionist, meaning that the workload is high and constantly needs to be prioritised and deadlines are not always met. Deciding to outsource your medical transcription can save time and money, and can be of great help to support staff, meaning faster turnaround of your work. Take a look at my list of the many benefits of outsourcing your medical transcription.

  • You can save time. It is a well known fact that hospital staff have a huge amount of work to get through, as well as a lot of responsibility. Spending time on giving proper care to patients should be the first priority of any medical professional. Outsourcing your medical transcription will mean that you and your support staff will have more time to concentrate on your specialities, such as patient care, research or inhouse administration tasks. Our medical transcriptionists provide extremely fast turnaround times that start from just four hours.
  • You will get a medical transcriptionist with expert knowledge and experience in your speciality. Many doctors and clinicians are forced to share secretaries. When you outsource your medical transcription to us you will receive your own secretary who specialises in your field.
  • We are there whenever you need us. You don’t have to worry about staff absenses or holidays. We can provide you with an accurate and experienced medical secretary who is available to you at any time, so you won’t end up with a back log of work and you will always meet your deadlines.
  • We can accept any audio format. No matter what format you choose to record your dictation or interviews in, we should be able to transcribe it for you quickly and accurately. We can even accept dictations directly from your IPhone or IPad.
  • You save money. We can offer specialist medical transcription services at a fraction of the cost of hiring part time or temporary staff.
  • You save space. As we work online, we can reduce the need for paper files and this means that your confidential files can be used, stored and amended without the need to rustle through endless paperwork.
  • HIPAA and DPA compliant. We provide a secure and confidential service to all of our clients, so you can be sure that patient files and any sensitive data that you send to us are always completely confidential.

Transcription City offers specialist transcription services for all of your outsourcing needs.

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