Our Turkish translation services ensure that you are able to get your documents, videos, websites or audio files translated to or from Turkish as the source or target language. We only use Turkish linguists, translators, writers and subtitlers who have at least 5 years experience as translators in your field or industry.

Turkish Language Services – and a bit of history…

Turkish is the official language of Turkey, Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. There are around 15 million speakers in South-east Europe and 65 million in Western Asia.  Turkish is also spoken in Iraq and and the Middle Eastern. The Turkish language origins dates back to 950AD and the Ottoman Empire. 

Turkish is the most widely used of the Turkic languages and there are several dialects of the Turkish language including Karamanli Turkish, Cypriot Turkish, Rumelian Turkish, Syrian Turkmen, Iraqi Turkmen and Meskhetian. 

During the early middle ages, the Turkic language spread across Central Asia including Siberia, Europe and the Mediterranean. In 1932 the Turkish Language Association (TDK) was established which amongst other tasks banned the use of imported words from the press, removing hundreds of foreign words from the language. The TDK introduced several new words derived from Turkic origin and also reintroduced the use of old Turkish words that hadn’t been used for centuries.

Experienced Turkish Linguists 

We work with a team of experienced Turkish linguists. Our Turkish translators are handpicked to form a pool of highly experienced professionals with many years’ experience. Accuracy and attention to detail is a crucial part of any translation process which is why we also provide a thorough proofreading service and back translation services if required. Our team work with many language combinations to and from Turkish and always ensure a high-quality output.

Precise Turkish Translations 

To ensure that your project is as perfect as possible, we have a team of translators that have experience and training across a range of sectors and industries. This means that we can hand pick the right translator or linguist for your specific needs and requirements. If required, your work can be double proofed by as second translator, To produce an accurate and factually checked final result.

Turkish Subtitling Services and Turkish Voice Over Services

Our Turkish subtitling services are great for online video as well as broadcast video.  We ensure that all subtitle text is perfectly in sync with the audio and that it is translated so as to pop on and off the screen in for maximum readability. With online videos being so often watched in silence, having subtitles added to your videos can mean the difference between thousands of views and audience engagement, and being ignored! Remember having your videos subtitled is also a brilliant and essential part of online video SEO. We also offer Turkish voice over services and Turkish video dubbing if required.

Turkish Closed Captioning Services 

Our Turkish closed captioning services are so important to us here at Transcription City, as they allow accessibility to viewers who have hearing loss. We will ensure that our closed captioning services comply with both international and regional guidelines and are in the right format for the platform they will be hosted on. This includes closed captions or open captions for broadcast television, cinema, online video and DVD video.

Turkish Video Transcription and Turkish Video Translation 

If you have a video that needs to be transcribed in Turkish or transcribed and translated to or from Turkish, we can help. We are happy to work with legal video (translating to or from Turkish with time codes), we can also work with video conferences (Turkish language interpretation), medical video translation and conference translation.

Turkish Website Localisation 

Turkish website localisation allows you or your business to reach a more local audience with a more personalised message that is aimed and relatable to a specific region or localisation. Not only can this be invaluable to local people (including information relevant to a certain branch or regional chain. It will also drive your business forward creating more of a community feel, better online search-ability and more sales.

All Turkish linguists, Turkish subtitlers and Turkish translators are required have at least 5 years’ experience in their chosen field or area of expertise. They are also required to sign an NDA before working with us. 

If you would like more information about our Turkish translation services, Turkish transcription services, Turkish subtitling services, Turkish voice over services or Turkish writing services, please get in touch. We are available at your request and always happy to help.

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