Transcription Services and Translation Services for Academics

April 11, 2018 Samantha

Academic research can be so exciting when you are interviewing witnesses to events or people talking about their own experiences as part of a historical project. But then what do you do with the many minutes of recorded voices? What do you do with recordings of speeches at conferences or presentations? Of articles and recordings in your specific discipline that are not written in English? Look no further, as Transcription City can provide you a wide range of transcription services and translation services for academics that can benefit academic staff in their work and research.translation services for academics, transcription services for academics, academic transcription services, subtitling for academic videos, academic translation services, transcription services

Academic Transcription Services

In regards to interviews, we can provide you with transcripts of interviews of both video and audio research that you have undertaken. We have a quick turnaround time and you have a choice of the transcripts having timestamps, making it easy to find a certain place in the recording. But even more so, it provides you with accurate quotes for your research, without having to go back into your audio or video file and finding the right moment when something was said and then noting it down.

Furthermore we can provide transcripts of conferences that you have attended or key note speeches that you have given. That means that you can provide others with these, or your students, giving everybody an accurate account of what was said and therefore avoiding misquotations. On top of that we are able to create subtitles for any video recordings, so you would be able to distribute that for an even wider audience.

Translation Services for Academics

We also provide translation services for academics. This means that if you wanted to understand the clip of the leading international academic in your field but which is not in your language then we can translate it for you. The podcast which features your exact subject but it was recorded on a foreign television talk show? We will translate and transcribe it as well. But it goes further. Journal articles or book articles that you find in archives as part of your research can be translated into English. Newspaper articles too. Isn’t that fantastic? Everything can be done much more quickly and efficiently.

Transcription City has experts in specific academic fields to undertake work in your chosen discipline. Confidentiality is paramount. We also provide transcription services, translation services, subtitling services and closed captioning services to a range of sectors and industries. For more information, feel free to contact us at any time.

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