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October 14, 2019 Samantha

Here at Transcription City, we pride ourselves on providing translation services and transcription services that are accurate, timely and to your specifications. Academic translation and transcription can be a challenge when it comes to accuracy, which is why we have a team of specialist transcribers and translators for academic translations and for academic transcriptions. With that in mind, this is what one of our academic translators had to say.

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Academic Translation Services

Editing academic journal articles is no mean feast, that I can say. It is often a lengthy process, but one that is immensely rewarding. You are at the cutting edge of research in a particular field and a journal article means that the research that is written about within it, may not have been published before. How exciting.

But let’s start from the beginning. You will get a text and the first thing you do is to read it all the way through. You are grasping the basic ideas. You may also find that some parts of the text may not be as clear as others, or that some paragraphs may differ in style from others. At this point you can already start to spot and correct typos. In the modern age, your computer may of course already show you some of them, but there are some that are overlooked by the computer, because they are the ones that could also make a correct sentence or word. For example the author may have used the singular noun, when it should have been the plural, or a very similar words, such as probably and properly, but which the computer may not recognise as mistakes.

Academic Translation Services

After that you go back and read the text again, but this time, you are making adjustments and suggestions. You may start with looking at clarity. You may suggest to shorten sentences here, or to divide up a particularly long sentence into two shorter ones. This helps the flow of the text and underpins the overall argument. You will then look at sentence structure, style and the flow of the argument. An academic may write for weeks on a particular article, or many months on a book, and therefore there may be lengthy breaks between him or her working on a particular paragraph. Or he might add a point to an already existing sentence. Or he may have simply looked at the same sentence far too long to see what the original idea of it was. This sometimes results in the sentence no longer being as clear as it was originally, or it suddenly appears way too long. By restructuring the sentence, for example by putting part of it from the end to the beginning, may help to clarify what the author is trying to illustrate. Or it may align this specific sentence to the style of the rest of the text.

You can then go over it a couple more times, making sure that everything really flows, the rhythm is the same throughout and the argument is clear for the reader. And at the end, as so often within this kind of work, you will have learned something new that no one else, apart from the author, knows about just yet. What a privilege.

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