Audio and Video Translation Services

Audio Translation and Transcription Services
At Transcription City we provide accurate, reliable audio translation services as per your requirements. Tailor-made to your audio translation projects and requirements, we provide an efficient, friendly service from start to finish.

Audio Translation Services

With a traditional ethos, at Transcription City, we value people and always use highly experienced and qualified linguists to take on your audio translations, video translations and document translations. We strive to keep up with technological developments within the business world and indeed, our sector, and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changing business markets. However, we still believe (on experience) that automated document translation programmes and voice recognition software each have a long way to go before being up to the task of replicating the high quality translation service that a linguist can provide, and will still merit the services of a translator for proofreading purposes. We employ linguists with a mother tongue in their specialist language, who have proven experience within their sector and are fully qualified to take on translation work. Once your audio translation service has been completed, we have your document proofread by a similarly qualified and experienced translator to ensure accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar and most importantly of all, retention of meaning. We can take on audio translation projects for files that are in one language, or mix a range of languages. For example, if you have an interview or focus group that has a mix of English and Spanish speakers, we can have a transcriptionist take on the English speech and then a translator to fill in the Spanish dialogue. Our linguists can work with a range audio formats, as listed below and we have the technology to convert audio files for translation from a range of different formats. At Transcription City, we have our own standard templates for translated documents but can also work with your own templates and house styles, if this is a requirement. We are able to meet tight deadlines for your translations and are flexible as to how you would prefer to send us your files. We can accept files via our website, YouSendIt, Dropbox, WeTransfer or even via email if you would prefer.

Translation Services and Linguistic Expertise

Our areas of audio translation expertise include:

  • Online podcasts
  • Radio translation
  • Interview translation
  • Focus group translation
  • Webcast and streaming translation
  • Conference translation
  • Medical translation
  • Research translation
  • Financial translation
  • Time coded translation
  • and many more…

Additionally, we are able to translate audio files of the following formats:

  • .mp3
  • .wma
  • .ds2
  • .wav
  • .aif
  • .ape
  • .ogg
  • .mka
  • .au
  • .aiff
  • .wmr
  • .ram
  • .rm
  • .midi
  • .avi
  • .m4b
  • .dss
  • .wmv
  • .mpeg
  • .mov
  • .ram
  • .swf
  • .mp4
  • .m4a
  • And many more…

If you need more information about any of our translation services or require transcription services in any language, why not get in touch? We provide translation services for audio and video files including subtitling services, captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as document translation services and much more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.