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Working as a Professional Transcription Services Provider

Here at Transcription City, we provide expert transcription services, translation services, subtitling services and closed captioning. Part of my work as a transcriptionist and professional transcription services provider is working to deadlines. Do I like them? Not really. Who does, really? Be honest. There are people that thrive on this kind of stress. The adrenaline is pumping, the breath is going fast and shallow. Now I like it busy. Very much so. I like it when the time passes quickly. But not so much when I am really, really trying to deliver something on time, because I simply cannot afford to have five minutes of extra time.transcription services, translation services, closed captioning services, subtitling services, typing services, translation services, foreign language subtitling services, proofreading services, video transcription services

Urgent and Professional Transcription Services

In my case it is a very simple reason. I work freelance from home and I have two children that I have to pick up from school. At the exact time. Not five minutes later. I do have the freedom to schedule my own work, something that I really treasure. I can be there for Sports Day if I want to. I don’t have to ask any boss whether I could possibly come in a little later, because of my daughter’s Mother’s Day celebrations at school. Brilliant really.
At other times however, this is a little more tricky. A job comes in at 12noon, which is fine, as this is when they do come in usually. But I work part time and therefore my deadline of ‘End of Business Tuesday’ is not at 5.30pm, but at 2.00pm. Everything needs to be done earlier. Now of course that doesn’t mean it is done faster. It goes without saying that the same care is taken to deliver the highest quality on any job I am taking on. Of course, I am conscientious and hard-working.
Sometimes the simple answer to this is coffee. Yes, coffee, my dear friend at work. Because working from home, I never really speak to anyone. The jobs come in via email and go back via email. So my best friend at my work is the coffee machine. Trusted friend, giving me a pad on the shoulder for doing a good job and rewarding me for the speed-of-light typing with a delicious cup of warm latte. Think the love for coffee, or correctly for caffeine, for the work-from-home typist, is very underestimated.
But there is of course the feeling of accomplishment. When you have indeed delivered. When you have met the deadline after all. Or even when you delivered it well before the deadline. Yes, I did that. All by myself. I spurned myself on, relying on the experience of having done this hundreds of times before and the resilience I have developed because of that. It is a great feeling. And for that, I will reward myself. Yes, indeed, with a sumptuous cup of coffee.
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