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Transcription Services and How to Set up a Video Conference

As we move into a more digital age, video conferencing has become an essential part of connecting and people without the need to travel. If you need to communicate with your team and are working from home or working remotely video conferencing is the perfect way to keep communications open with your colleagues and share important information in person  online. Whether that is in the form of an online meeting, a virtual interview or online tutorial, video conferencing allows people to connect without the cost of a venue, travel or accommodation. In short it is a cost saving and time saving way to conduct business and communicate online. So, with that in mind, how do you set up a video conference and what equipment do you need for video conferencing? 

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All you really need to set up a video conference is the following. 

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (in basic terms you need a computer with a screen). 
  • A microphone and speakers many computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones already have built in microphones and speakers. You can of course purchase your own and install, but this is rarely needed. 
  • A camera  in order to be seen on screen you will need a camera. Again, cameras are usually built into modern computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops. If you wish to buy and install your own, you can but is rarely needed. 
  • A good internet connection. If you choose to carry out video conferencing a decent internet signal is essential. This ensures that there is no loss of sound or vision during the meeting. 
  • Video Conferencing Software or App. There are so many video conferencing platforms available (which we will review in the coming weeks). Most video conferencing apps are very easy to install and will even be pre-installed on the device or computer you have purchased. 

How to set up a video conference

Once you have decided on the app or software platform you want to use, it is important to invite your attendees with plenty of notice. We recommend that you send instructions on how to set up the particular video conferencing platform you want to use along with instructions on how to install. Alternatively, many video conferencing platforms will allow participants to take part by emailing a link to login online. This is a great option for inviting occasional or one-off attendees to your meeting without having to install additional software. Finally, we strongly recommend that you perform a test run before the event. This ensures that everyone can access and participate in the video conference and that any potential issues are rectified beforehand. 

If you would like more information about video conferencing software or transcription services for video conferencing, get in touch. We offer translation services, subtitling services. Contact us for live captioning services and note taking services for video conferences. We are always happy to provide additional information if required.

For more information on the various video conferencing platforms available and their features, visit this useful website. 

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