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Translation Service – Foreign Language Transcription Services

Here at Transcription City, we provide both translation services and foreign language transcription services in a range of languages. We also provide subtitling services and closed captioning services. We are proud of our transcriptionists and translators and like to know more about them. With that in mind, today we’ll here from one of our professional German language transcriptionists and German translators. language transcription services, translation services

Translation Service

I love travelling. Providing translation services and German language transcription services in the form of travel writing is probably one of my favourite fields to work in. Why is that, you wonder? Well, because I get to travel during my work time. Sometimes into lands far away, cultures so colourful and unique, for which I would otherwise would have to pay vast amounts of money to go and see. Because I travel at my desk, you see. I transcribe, and translate, audio, video and text files.
There is a bonus when it is a video that I am transcribing, where I am translating the voice over for subtitles. Because you get the beautiful visual as well. You don’t just hear about things that are being seen or written about. You don’t just hear the interviews that an author does before writing its travel guide book. You don’t just hear the finished, polished view that the writer chose to go for in the end. But you also see it. There is now another, vital sense involved in it, my eyes – and it is wonderful. It is much more, it is as if I am almost there myself. If only we could smell it too. Oh wait, maybe that is not always such a good idea…

Foreign Language Transcription Services

Providing foreign language transcription services and translating enables you also to experience what you are working on. Because you are really scrutinising what you are transcribing or translating. That means you are immersing yourself a lot more into the piece than you would if you were only listening to it on the radio, reading about it in an article or watching a travelling programme on television. First of all you are much closer to it, most of all because when you are working with audio or video files, you are using headphones. That makes it a lot more real, as the distance from your ear to your head, so to speak, is very short. It is right there, it happens in your mind. But you are also listening a lot more intensely, because the most important aspect is accuracy. You need to hear each and every little word to ensure you adhere to the quality of work that clients are expecting. In order to achieve this, you are also rewinding the recording quite a few times, therefore once again delving into the piece you are working on a lot deeper.
And at the end? Well, you were part of this journey. May it either be by helping a travel writer to transcribe the interviews with locals, as part of his research for his new book. Or by helping to produce subtitles, so that a local audience may also understand the voice overs in a short film about their favourite destination.
On that note  come and fly with me!
We provide transcription services, foreign language transcription services, translation services (including German translation services), closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing and subtitling services in a range of languages. If you would like more information about our typing services or foreign language transcription services, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.

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