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Conference Transcription and Conference Translation Services

Translating for Conferences is a really rewarding experience. This is just one of the reasons that Transcription City provide both conference transcription services and conference translation services. When carrying out conference translation services or conference transcription services you get to hear about the latest advances of research in a particular field. At the same time you are also sort of part of it. This is because as a translator you are the person that shapes what goes into the minds of the people you are translating for. You are like a wordsmith, so to say, you have quite a bit of influence in how someone reads what another person is saying. In this case the person has said it in a different language that a recipient doesn’t understand. conference translation services, conference transcription services

Conference Translation Services

The way this works is that as a translator, you will get a video or audio file of a speech or panel discussion, that took place at a conference. This may also be a Question and Answers session, something which quite often can be an absolute gem at a conference as there is an audience of experts in a field, all discussing the topic that has just been presented on stage. As a translator, I will then often transcribe the file first, this means I am typing down everything that was said in the language that it was presented in. I then start translating this into the other language. At the end, I compare both several times to ensure that it is accurate, both in terms of the vocabulary, obviously, but also the style in which the original speaker was speaking. Once this is finished it is sent back and forwarded to the client.

Conference Transcription Services and Conference Translation Services

This is a fantastic way of not only widening the audience of your key note speakers, but also opening whole new markets in different parts of the world. While you organise the conference, you can send the speech transcripts out to your delegates, giving them a chance to read through them again afterwards. Or even more so, if you have individual seminars, where only a small group of the conference participants has taken part in, sending out the transcripts to all of the delegates of the group means that everyone has a chance to find out more about the smaller panel discussions. Again, if this was a done in several different languages, delegates can catch up with everything that was said, not just in the languages that they understand.

Conference transcription services and conference translation services are a vital part of our work  and definitely an exciting one. We also provide transcription services for video, subtitling services, closed captioning services, document translation services and closed captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Call, email or message us at any time for a quote.
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