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Video Conference Transcription

Transcription Services for Video Conferencing and Webcasts

As technology becomes more and more advanced, businesses and individuals are now able to share information quickly and easily over the internet. It is now possible to hold important meeting, interviews and conferences face to face, from the comfort of your office to anywhere in the world.

Specialist Transcription Services for Video Conferencing

The beauty of video conferencing is that it is so much more convenient and practical than having to find the space, time and a convenient location for a more traditional meeting. This type of communication method is becoming more and more popular because of the savings (both time and money) you make in travel expenses, hotel expenses and any other various arrangements that have to be made. It is also so much easier to co-ordinate availability between busy professionals, meaning that more people are able to attend.
With all of these great savings, why not save even more, by recruiting a transcription service to provide you with accurate transcripts of your conferences?
Using a specialist transcription company to provide transcription services for your conferences and meetings can be a quick and simple way of documenting and sharing important information with conference attendees and those who were unable to make it, due to prior engagements. Our specialist secretaries can also take minutes from your meetings or edit your transcripts for ease of reading. You will find that having transcripts of your video conferences will help to clarify any points that attendees were unclear of during the meeting and can help to bring a better understanding of the whole session.
Documentation of points means that relevant information can be read much more quickly than listening to the audio file, which can be really useful if you are pushed for time or if you just prefer reading, as opposed to listening to lengthy audio files. Video conference transcription provides a useful resource for professionals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Video conferences transcription provides a great opportunity to share new and interesting information to clients or potential clients. Your transcripts can easily be modified into articles, edited transcripts, blogs or even an eBook; these are all great platforms for connecting with clients and potential clients. These will all provide you with new and interesting written content, which will make a really positive impact on your SEO.
If you would like more information about our video conferencing transcription services, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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