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Transcription Services and Translation Services for Film

Transcription services and translation services for film and television are one of the most popular requests from clients. Not only can we transcribe your film, but we can also translate, subtitle and attend and record meetings for your audio beforehand.

Translation Services for Film

It’s a Tuesday morning, 0445 and yep  you guessed it am at the train station heading over to North London to attend a film shoot for a video production client. Several weeks ago, we were contacted and asked to attend and provide transcription services for film overnight. We pride ourselves on offering this service and immediately the client wished to engage.

So off I went laptop in hand, ready to record and transcribe, missing my coffee! I alighted at my regular London Terminus and the joined the rat race to get to my destination. Having survived the tube and running 90 minutes ahead of schedule I had time for my coffee finally!

Fast Translation Services for Film

I logged in and made sure my plan of action was watertight and that I had done as much preparation as possible in relation to the event was completed. I arrived at the studios and WOW! What a set up! I was able to have breakfast, meet the cast, meet the crew and it really set a pace for transcription for the day. Take one  away we go! Smash  someone drops a cup “CUT” bellowed the Set Manager, so back to square one we go. There is a lot of admin required when providing translation services for film and with so many stops and starts. Of course, the end result is always a fluid transcription service put together by our amazing team of transcriptionists and linguists. I was there to ensure we had all the audio over and collected back in a timely and organised fashion.

Onto the second interviews of the day (with the first batch of film transcripts already complete), having had a beautiful lunch with a host of options there I am raring to go. This time we had to contend with nerves on set and again for lots of companies this may of produced issues, no not here, the crew reassured the interviewee and off we went again. All in all the day took over 30 scenes with a whole host more takes all transcribed and ready to be translated! But never a dull moment. In the studio next door we had the cast from a popular reality TV show giving interviews so mingling with them too was insightful. It was good to work with other film agencies and gain information from them as to the business and the market currently. We worked closely with the sound team to ensure our recordings were clear and concise to allow for a rapid and accurate turnaround of the transcripts and subsequent translations.

Transcription Services for Film

With the day coming to an end after 12 hours on set, the completed transcripts were back and delivered to the client, ready for approval and translation. Feedback was exceptional and future bookings confirmed for the recording, transcription, translation and subtitle service.

As the wrap was called and the lights taken down the day was over. I grabbed a small handful of sweets and walked back to the tube to get back into Central London. I sat down  the 3rd time in 15 hours and boy was it appreciated. Then hitting the London Terminal I needed  the toothache started!… All in a day in the life of!

If you would like more information about our translation services, transcription services, subtitling services, closed captioning or live transcription services, why not get in touch? We are available 24 hours a day!

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