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So you’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the experience, you’ve got the qualifications and you’re thinking of working for a transcription company. So what next? Here are some of the most useful or essential pieces of computer software to help with your interview transcription, copy typing, dictation, data entry or other secretarial undertakings.

Microsoft Office

99% of the transcripts requested from clients will need to be typed into a Microsoft Word document and the vast majority of spreadsheet population will be in Microsoft Excel, and presentation production in PowerPoint. As a typing services professional, it is preferable to have the most up to date Microsoft Office suite with full functionality. Starter versions are not usually sufficient as there can be complications in checking files for accessibility, inserting contents and hyperlinks and using other functions.

Adobe Acrobat

Most copy typing documents will be sent to typing service companies in the .pdf format. To read documents, and to consequently type them, typists will need Adobe Acrobat. Also, clients may request their typed transcripts, interview scripts, books or dictations to be saved as a ‘read only’ PDF. Although Microsoft Word can save in this format without the user having the Adobe software, it’s always useful to double check the quality of your work by opening your final document.

Express Scribe

Audio transcription and video transcription can be a long-winded task even for the speediest of typists. If you’re looking to move into typing services work, to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need good transcription software and we recommend NCH’ Express Scribe. Whilst being compatible with transcription pedals is the most crucial element of the software, it also has other useful functions such for cleaning the sound quality on poor audio and speeding up, slowing down, etc, of files. The system wide keys option is also invaluable when completed time coded transcriptions and subtitles. Similarly, Inq Scribe can be just as invaluable for those wishing to write and produce subtitles.


Pedable is a free software which allows the programming of transcription pedals as short cut keys. For instance, if you are doing some contract copy typing, for instance, and you need to repeatedly type a complicated word or name, for example, ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,’ you can copy the word and programme one of your pedals as Ctrl+V to paste that word every time you put your foot down. This shortcut is fantastic for completing urgent transcripts, as well as urgent documents and data entry.

Prism Converter or Aimersoft

A transcription company can receive audio and video in a range of different formats, and as a transcriptionist, you need to be adaptable and able to accept files in a range of different formats. Prism Converter or Aimersoft are invaluable for transcription and typing of interviews, focus groups or conferences that are sent in perhaps more obscure formats.

Sound Recorder

When a typist is unable to download a video or audio directly to PC when carrying out YouTube transcription or subtitles, for instance, they will need to record the sound streamed off of the internet. Windows 7 and later have Sound Recorder which can perform this function and Hi-Q Recorder is another option for those with earlier versions of Windows.

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