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Note-taking Services in London and Meeting Transcription

Here I am again, ready to offer my note taking services in London to another interesting client! So, it’s a Thursday and as per usual, a nice early start. Laptop charged, pens inked and paper plentiful! I am heading into town for a note taking job we landed on Tuesday. Late Tuesday.

Note Taking Services in London

As I sat down on the train I was thinking “this is where I would usually re visit my note taking preparations” this time NO preparation is possible as it’s all super hush hush. For the benefit of this blog, the event is accurate yet the final location and indeed dates have been altered to ensure NDA compliance. We pride ourselves on our discretion and ability to provide a first-class solution to any meeting held.

Confidential Note Taking Services in London

I instead looked out the window anxious yet excited that today would test me in so many ways, no prep, little info on topics, no list of attendees, a whole plethora of potential challenges. It’s worth noting the excitement outweighed the anxiety.

Confidential Minute Taking in London

I arrived at my usual London terminal and stepped off into a freezing yet sunny London Town. Shall I take the tube? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I had plenty of time, so I walked the route to my meeting destination, the Sun was beautiful as I marched down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. I could not shy away from the excitement that was building. We plan our journeys to allow for delays so we would never be late for any meeting or event we were due at. It is another element we pride ourselves on along with the professional note taking service we are expected to deliver.

Prompt Minute Taking Services

I arrived at my destination, I made my way to the front desk and asked for my contact. I was asked to take a seat in the grand lobby where I waited for a short time. After a few minutes and after me having taken the grandeur around me, my contact arrived. All perfect, all ready to go and like me VERY excited.

I had my coat taken for me, was offered a drink and food (I politely refused having had a snack earlier in the trip up). The meeting was to take place in a large Oak Panelled room, lots of Gold, high ceilings and (thankfully) large decent seating! I was offered a seat at the boardroom style layout table but again, as professional notetakers we like to be just off the main table so as to not add a distraction to those in the room people will hone in on when you write and then maybe hold back, our presence is to very much be there but in the background unless required. 

We all settled in, refreshed and the meeting began. I was surrounded by pure greatness from the world of Science, politics, the arts and nobility.

With meetings that are so large we like to normally record and then transcribe but the client specifically asked for key points and content. That’s what was delivered. All 5 hours of it.

The meeting wrapped up at 6pm and then journey home started, me, still in awe and still feeling appreciated for the job we fulfil as professional notetakers in a varied, large and ever evolving world.

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