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Typing services can be invaluable for people and businesses who are short on time and need an accurate, reliable and fast copy typing service. We can work from a number of different documents including PDF, scans and handwritten documents.

We can format typed and handwritten documents according to your specifications adding headers, footers, page numbers or anything else you may require. By choosing to use our specialist copy typing services, we can assign you a copy typist who can convert your documents into which ever format you choose. We will also amend any spelling or grammatical errors where applicable.

Use our copy typing services for:

Letters and correspondence. We are happy to type these according to whatever layout or format your require.

Property Inventories and Building Surveys. We regularly provide secretarial assistance to the property sector and can copy type or transcribe a number of different documents according to your exact specifications.

CV’s. We understand how important it is to have a CV that is error free and well laid out. Our secretaries will produce a CV with the wow factor, increasing your chances of securing an interview and impressing potential employers right from the start.

Books, EBooks and Manuscripts. Some authors prefer to write using pen and paper. We can provide an expert copy typing service that can be used together or independently with our proofreading and copy editing services.

Essays. Hand written essays or excerpts that you wish to include in your essays (such as passages from books or PDF) can be typed accurately, meaning that you save the time and hassle it takes to type up long documents yourself.

Annual Reports. Business documents such as annual reports, contracts, terms and conditions and forms must always be typed accurately. We can provide an expert service that allows you the freedom to add or remove parts of your business documents, make changes to the layout and add hyperlinks (for documents used on the web).

Scripts and Post Production Scripts. We can type your scripts according to your exact requirements. We are also able to provide a proofreading service to amend any potentially embarrassing mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation. If you would like us to produce scripts from audio or video files we can offer a first class transcription service (with or without time-codes and visual descriptions).

We will do our best to type all hand written documents correctly. If something is illegible we will highlight the word in red.

Just drop us an email or instant message to let us know how we can help with your copy typing needs.

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