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The Best Online Transcription Services

Get the best online transcription services to get your audio or video files typed up. We have some tips on what to look for when selecting the right transcription company for you.

Accurate Transcription Services

When looking for the best online transcription services, accuracy is a must. This means that you should ensure that the transcription company you have selected uses human typists. It’s best not voice recognition software. Although 98% transcription accuracy may sound okay, that actually means that there is a mistake every hundred words. And of course that doesn’t specify how big a mistake that is. 98% accuracy will need at least a human proofreader and shouldn’t be used for either medical or legal transcripts. Medical or legal transcription errors have the potential to cause huge problems. Meaning they will not be worth whatever initial saving you made using a machine generated transcription. In fact, we recommend using typists who have at least 5 years solid experience in your field or industry. We recommend that your work is proofread before sending.transcription services, the best transcription companies, transcription company, multilingual transcription companies

Fast Transcription Services for Tight Deadlines

In addition to accurate transcripts, deadlines are important, especially if you work in a highly pressured environment where documents need to be either published or shared very quickly after recording. This could be for media transcription services (news stations, national newspapers or for journalists working on big stories). If you have tight deadlines it is worth looking for a transcription company that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is also advisable to book in any work with tight deadlines beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Secure Transcription Services

Depending on your sector or industry, you may often deal with highly confidential information. This includes recordings that are medical or legal in nature. If you are looking for secure and confidential transcription services, select a transcription company that is data protection registered and can supply you with an NDA or sign a confidentiality agreement that you supply them with. They should also use secure uploads and downloads, as well as password protect your transcripts and sensitive documents.

Live Transcription Services

The best transcription services can include live captioning and online live transcription services. If you require this type of transcription service, it is essential that you can provide your live transcription services provider with as much information about your event beforehand in order to avoid disappointment.

Onsite Transcription Services

Onsite transcription, note taking services and audio or video recording services are something that some transcription companies can supply you with. It is important when selecting an onsite transcription service that you book beforehand and provide the transcription service company with as much detail as possible, this includes any templates, a list of attendees and any other relevant information. Again, we recommend using a transcription company that provides secure and confidential transcription service, using experienced secretaries and audio typists.

Subtitling Services and Transcription Services

The great thing about using a transcription company for your subtitling or closed captioning is that you aren’t having to use multiple companies to do different parts of the video editing process. Find a company that has experience with video transcription, video subtitling, video captioning and can burn on your subtitles if required. That way, any issues with text, subtitle placement or timings are all fixed easily without swapping from one company to another to get different subtitling issues fixed.

Transcription Services and Translation Services

With the internet, the demand for translation services has increased hugely. Translations are often required for transcripts, subtitles, websites, books, newspapers and social media. Using a transcription company that can do all of the above saves time and costs. It is a good idea to use a transcription services company that can transcribe in a variety of languages and ensure that the transcriptionists, translators and linguists are fully qualified, experienced and specialise in your field or industry.

If you would like to know more about finding the best online transcription services, business transcription services and translation services. We also offer subtitling services, closed captioning services, video dubbing services or note taking services contact use today. Contact us today we are always happy to help.

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