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The Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Transcription

Anyone who works within the medical industry is well aware of the stress and pressure that goes with it. It is imperative that medical admin support staff have high levels of experience, training and accuracy; as even the smallest mistake in medical records can result in catastrophic consequences. Problem is, support staff are often overworked, with a huge workload, and this can mean it is necessary to work overtime – which can be exhausting (not to mention costly).

Medical Transcription Services
Why not outsource your medical transcription?

This is why it may be worth considering outsourcing your medical transcription workload to an online transcription company. Not only can this save money, but it can also free up time, that can then be spent on face to face patient care and other important in-house responsibilities. Here at Transcription City, our medical transcription service offer a number of other advantages, so if you think we could help, read on!

Confidential Medical Transcription

We know the importance of keeping your medical information safe and confidential. This is why we ensure that all data uploads and downloads are encrypted and secure, we are registered with the Data Protection Act and are HIPAA compliant. All staff are also required to sign a NDA before starting work with us.

Fast Turnaround Transcription

The advantage to using our medical transcription services is that we are available seven days a week and can offer extremely fast turnarounds on your dictations and interviews, starting from as little as four hours or less. This means you never have to stress about meeting another deadline.

Interview Transcription and Dictation Transcription

We offer a range of medical transcription services, from medical dictations to interviews, as well as medical conferences, lectures and seminars. We even offer transcription for medical documentaries and medical videos.

Specialist Medical Transcription

All of our medical transcriptionists and online medical secretaries are required to have at least five years checkable experience in a specialist field of medicine, along with two professional references. We will always hand pick your secretary depending on your requirements.
We think you’ll love using our medical transcription services to save time, money and stress. If you would like more information about our medical or other transcription services, contact us today, we’re always happy to help.

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