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Onsite and Online Transcription Services

Onsite Transcription Vs Online Transcription

From time to time we get clients who request that we visit their premises to transcribe audio or video files for them onsite. Although this is a service that we do offer from time to time, it’s not really something that we recommend. So to clarify things, we thought we’d write a few reasons why we think that an online transcription service has more benefits than an onsite transcription service.
Most clients want an onsite transcription service because they are under the illusion that this will speed up the time it takes to transcribe their audio or video files. This is simply not true. Online transcription companies are able to split files between two or more typists, to more than halve standard turnaround times, meaning that the typist also has time for proofreading the finished transcript. An onsite typist has to bear the entire workload themselves, which means that they will not be able to provide a turnaround that is as quick or as accurate as an online typist who has the time to check through the work, including doing any research and still meet a tight deadline.
Onsite transcription is more costly than online transcription services. This is because not only does the typist have to take the time to travel to the onsite location, but they also need to pay for the cost of travel. Then there is also the additional requirement of either bringing transcription equipment to the onsite location or getting used to the transcription equipment provided by the client.
Another reason that a client might want an onsite transcriptionist, is if they don’t have the proper recording equipment and want a transcriptionist to type what is being said in real time. Although it is possible to take minutes from a conversation or meeting; it is simply not possible to transcribe a real time conversation. In fact, it takes an experienced transcriptionist around four hours to transcribe a clear one to one interview (without additional speakers or difficult dialects). For someone who doesn’t touch type, but is a fast typist, it would take around 12 hours to transcribe a clear one to one interview!
So there you have it! We recommend using an online transcription service over an onsite transcription service to save you time and money!
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