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Typing Services Explained

Copy Typing Services Explained

Here at Transcription City we offer a range of virtual assistant services that includes (but is not limited to) transcription services, video transcription, subtitling, formatting, proofreading, copy editing and typing services.
Our typing services are available to a variety of different industries and for a variety of different uses; from e-books and TV scripts to legal contracts and business documents. However, if you decided to use typing services it is important to know exactly what you want and what is and isn’t included in a copy typing service.

Typing Services

Copy Typing Services

Using professional typing services is great for converting hard copies or un- editable documents into a digital format. They can then be easily edited, shared, archived, edited or amended digitally. Our copy typing services include basic formatting such as matching font size, margins, font style, other

Typing Services
Don’t tire yourself out with copy typing!

basic layouts and also spell checked. We will always do our best to ensure that the duplicate file matches the original document as closely as possible.

Copy Typing Services with Proofreading Services

Our typing services can be combined with our proofreading services. This will ensure that the final copy is error free and of a professional standard. Our proofreading services will include checking for errors in research (such as factual information), spelling errors, grammatical errors and guidance with regards to syntax and sentence structure. We will then return two documents to you; the final edit and a final edit with tracked changes.

Copy Typing Services with Formatting Services

Our typing services cover basic formatting services with regards to simple formatting requirements, specified spacing, text style and text size. Additional formatting requirements are a separate service, but can be combined to produce complex documents that include tables, pictures, graphs. One example of this is our e-book formatting services or our specialist formatting services for business documents.

Copy Typing Services for Handwritten Documents

Our typing services for handwritten documents can be great for documents that need to be archived, business documents that need to be transferred into digital format and important notes written on the go. We also provide copy typing services for sentimental or personal handwritten documents such as diaries, letters, cards. Handwritten documents will be typed in standard or custom formats according to whatever client requires.

Copy Typing Services with Copy Editing services

We can combine our typing services with copy editing services to produce original content. This can be used to produce articles, blogs, newsletters or even whole manuscripts!
If you are interested in our transcription services, document formatting services, typing services or copy writing services, why not get in touch? We are available 7 days per week and happy to help.

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