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Copy Typing Service

Copy Typing and Document Formatting

Whatever your reasons for needing copy typing services, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your work is completed as quickly and accurately as possible and with minimum hassle. With that in mind, it is important to recognise the differences between copy typing services and some of the addition services that often go with it, such as formatting, proofreading and editing.

Copy Typing Services for Typed Documents

Copy typing from typed documents is generally straightforward. However, it is extremely important that when sending copies of your documents that they are of a high enough quality that even the smallest parts of the text can be read easily. We recommend that you send us copies of original documents via internet upload if possible, as it reduces the risk of the damage and saves you money in terms of postage costs.

Copy Typing Services for Handwritten Documents

Copy typing from handwritten documents can be tricky depending on the readability of the handwriting. It is especially important to write as clearly as possible (printed handwriting is best) if you intend on sending your documents to a professional typing service. It also helps if you can provide a list of spellings for names and technical information that may be hard to read when copy typing from handwriting.

Copy Typing Services and Formatting

If you wish your final copy typed document to have a specific layout (such as the inclusion of tables, pictures or special formatting) then it is important to remember that this is an additional service from basic copy typing. Please mention any formatting or layout requirements when sending your work, so that the typist is aware of your requirements and can work with you to produce the final document layout that you want.

Copy Typing Services and Proofreading

As with formatting, proofreading copy typed documents to correct errors is and additional service. Although our copy typing service does include the correction of any obvious spelling mistakes, we do not correct punctuation, grammar or factual errors without prior instruction from the client. If you require proofreading, editing or research to be included with your copy typing service, it is very important to let us know beforehand so that we can allocate sufficient time for any research or corrections that may be needed.
As well as providing copy typing services, we also offer expert transcription services, editing services, virtual assistant service and proofreading services. If you would like to discuss your outsourcing needs with us, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to produce a service that covers all of your requirements and won’t break the bank.

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