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Transcription Services for Business

Accurate Transcription Services for Video and Audio Files.

Getting a fast and accurate transcription service extremely important in business these days. An experienced transcriptionist will be able to cope with a number of factors when dealing with important sound or video files that need to be transcribed. Your transcriptionist should have numerous skills that go way above and beyond just being a fast typist.
Professional transcriptionists use a number of different skills to achieve an accurate and well presented transcript.

  • One of the hardest things that a transcriptionist will have to be able to handle is a poor quality audio or video file. Having to type a transcript from a poor quality audio or video requires specialist skills and patience. An audio file that has a lot of background noise, several people talking at the same time or a microphone that is too far away from the speaker can be tricky fo even the most experienced transcriptionist with the best trained ear. Using a decent pair of headphones can help tremendously, but the client should try to submit the best quality recording possible.
  • A professional transcriptionist is an excellent researcher. If you are involved in a particular industry, you should ask your transcription service to provide you with a transcriptionist that specialises in that field. Names of companies, people or new products need to be researched thoroughly and spellings should be checked. The client can help by including notes of difficult names and new products or companies in the comments box, when uploading their sound files.
  • The transcriptionist must be able to understand a variety of different accents, use good grammar and produce a transcript in the style that the client requires. The client should specify the style and the layout they require when submitting their audio files.
  • Finally, transcriptionists should be able to complete transcripts quickly. On average, it takes a professional transcriptionist four hours to complete one hour of spoken word (dependant of the sound quality of the file). Clients often have strict deadlines to adhere to and these must be met. The combination of speed and reliability is essential to the in order to provide the client with perfect transcription services.

With the demand for accuracy and speed becoming more and more important for businesses, finding a professional and competent transcriptionist has become more important than ever. Small errors can cause big problems and transcripts should always be proofread thoroughly. Accuracy, reliability and speed are the foundation of any professional transcription service.

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