German Transcription Services and Italian Transcription Services

November 5, 2018 Samantha

Here at Transcription City, we offer a range of German transcription services and Italian transcription services. With that in mind, we thought w’ed look at a week in the life of one of our German transcriptionists. transcription services, political conference transcription services, German transcription services, Italian transcription services, video transcription services

German Transcriptionist and German Translator

Working as a German transcription services provider does often involve offering a variety of different services and roles and with that comes the fact that it varies what you may work on at any given time. No question, this is interesting, but also, at times, a little bit of a roller coaster of different themes and topics. This is why experience and training is so important.

Let’s just delve into my week last week. On Monday and Tuesday I was available to take on a few jobs transcribing German speeches. I have to say, I have never transcribed such interesting political speeches before! The processes of transcribing these German speeches is great, as I love a challenge when it comes to tight deadlines at the same time providing a transcript in German with a very high level of accuracy. What is different is, that you actually learn new things. Constantly. So this was no indeed the same, but a lot more exciting to be a fly on the wall in a debate on a controversial subject.

Then there was a German transcription and subsequent translation into English of the rough cut of a documentary. This documentary was about medieval building practices and traditions. Yes, this is not my subject either. But again, that means exactly one thing: You learn about a subject that you never dreamt of learning about. And often I find myself in awe of the subject matter I am working on and really enjoy this. If you had told me on Wednesday morning that by lunchtime, I would have found out the intricacies of how goat skin has been used to make windows in churches in the Middle Ages, then yes, I would have also slightly scratched my head. But that is the exciting part of it.

I also occasionally work as a tourist guide in London, where I get booked to take people around London’s Borough Market to let them sample typical British food and drinks. The tour can be booked in English and in German. This week I was booked to take two lovely German ladies around, telling them the history of London Bridge and Southwark Cathedral in German. The rather funny thing is that despite knowing all the facts and information in German, I still occasionally stumble across a German word that I may not have used for a very long time. This week, that word was ‘Kloster’, the German word for convent. So we laughed and carried on, having a brilliant time and them leaving happily fed and watered, and knowing a lot more than they had that same morning.

German Transcription Services and Italian Transcription Services

As well as providing German transcription services, we also provide transcription services in a huge range of different languages and it doesn’t stop there! We also provide translation services, closed captioning services, foreign language subtitling services and typing services. If you would like to know more, please get in touch!

For more information about conferences that require German transcription services, visit this interesting website.



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